Milton Friedman claimed that the

Conversely, Milton Friedman claimed that the only social responsibility ofthe business is to increase profits. He uses various examples throughout thearticle to support his arguing. Friedman mentions widely about company’s high-poweredmanagement and talks about how they always have an employer’s responsibility tomake as much money as possible while adhering to basic social rules. Also,Friedman debating how only shareholders can focus their money. He elucidatedthat shareholders will try to contribute to customer, employees, or othershareholders against their “social cause” to maximize profit.

In addition, Friedmanexplains which is if a business succeeds, it would reimburse taxes and spendprofits. While performing company’s duties for its own benefit, “Social Responsibility”is a nice legitimate way for a company to create well-wish. Friedman gets aquote from his book and concludes this article, “the only social responsibilityof a business is to be participated in activities purposed to expand profits asfar as they use resources and remain within the rules of the game. They are afree completion without fraud or deceit, and engaged in open.” 

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