“Core • Rear-view mirror • Customizable Interior

“Core value proposition is to provide riders the convenience of performing more tasks in a hassle free manner without having to lose time on trivial tasks”There are various brands available in the market that sells helmets at different price ranges based on the body and built of the helmet which differs in safety standard levels, this is something that we do not follow, all the models or variants of our helmets are of same quality and same make that provides enhanced safety which exceeds standard safety regulations, Our variants or models are mainly differentiated based on the features available for selection to the customer that will enable them to customize the specifications based on the need and budget. Also gives the flexibility to customer to upgrade with additional features whenever necessary.Features:• Bluetooth based Voice interactive device with noise cancellation• Intercom facility among same brand helmets• Active GPS tracking• Rear-view mirror • Customizable Interior Paddings• Automatic day/night anti-glare visorsThe above mentioned features support our argument that the value we provide to the customer is unique as there is no helmet that is available in the market with all these features in-built as a product that is available with support, service and maintenance.

These features are derived and designed as a result of careful analysis after conducting surveys at primary and secondary level targeting various segments of users, this is one of the reason for us to market the helmets customizable is to suit the needs of most of the user segments. This is one of the key & unique elements that is being offered in the helmets industry.Our network of support and service that is built around the product as explained in the value chain section is one of our major strength that will enable us to support our products for long run which should be one of the major factors for any brand or product to sustain in the market for a long time. Our second major strength is the option where we give the user the flexibility to choose the right feature in the right time, which makes our customers to come back to us for addition of features addressing the need of customer retention.

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