Cost in taking the correct decisions requires

Cost estimation process is a major task in any construction project. From different perspectives, as project owner or contractor, it is essential to have a clear and accurate estimation of how much could the project cost in terms of money and time before starting the investment. Overestimating cause contractors to submit high process tenders which are not accepted by the project owner and underestimating might cause loses to them. So, it is worth to devote enough time and effort to calculate cost and time of the project to decide whether to go or not-to go with it. Reaching acceptable level of cost estimating that helps in taking the correct decisions requires high quality techniques. This research attempts to study the impact of technology in facilitating cost estimation methods and techniques and how new technologies helped in getting more accurate estimations in shorter time.

2 Project objectives Over the years different factors have affected and impacted the improvement of cost estimating process in construction industry. In this report the impact of information technology is studied and discussed.The main objectives are:1- Going through the history of Information Technology in construction estimation.2- Presenting the advantages and disadvantages of information technology in construction cost estimation.3- Studying and comparing some popular software that are used world-wide and locally in Qatar.?

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