Countries, idea about how big impact does tourism

Countries, which are reliant on tourism are considered as poor and having a small economy.

That is why Croatia is not on the list with countries, which have the largest industry of tourism.Tourism is for Croatia very important as it is the main driver of its economy and even though tourism is affected by many conditions around us that people cannot influence. Weather, the increase or decrease in incomes, prices all of this and many others have the impact on, where people would go on holiday to. I personally, chose this topic, because of my passion for travelling and I was curious about how much the tourism does impact the GDP. As I live in Prague, I see how much the tourism changes the parts of the city. I noticed huge differences in prices e.g.

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Coca Cola costs three times its normal price in certain areas. Not only prices of food and beverages increase, there has been an enormous increase in prices of property, as people buy flats to rent them on Airbnb for high prices, which are not affordable for local people. That is why the Old Town in Prague has fewer citizens and more places for rent. Overall prices in Old Town are significantly higher than in other parts of the city, which affected local people as their expenditures increased. As another huge problem is considered the night peace, which is disturbed daily by many tourists. These issues are not considered as benefits for local people. For comparison, I wanted to find out how is it different in coastal states. Before my further readings for this essay, I had little idea about how big impact does tourism have for these countries.

From my point of view, I think that southern countries with their temperament and their approach and attitude are different from Central Europe. As to their culture belongs sitting for a long time at Cafés, which does not necessarily improve or help their economy. I personally think that Croatia should diversify their market, attempt not to be as dependent on tourism as it is now.

Focusing on agriculture, grow more fruits. What is getting a lot of attention these days are different types of cosmetics, Croatia may start producing cosmetics with olive oil or citrus fruit, which is considered around women as famous, natural and very healthy. Another suggestion would be to strengthen their extraction of natural resources as Croatia has hydrocarbon reserves, which are significant. New areas of this promising extractions are Pannonian Basin, Dinarides, central and southern Adriatic. Croatia has twelve windmills as the source of wind energy, which are worth around 315 million Euros. Thanks to its location Croatia would benefit from solar energy as well, which would offer around 30,000 new jobs and decrease the unemployment rate. With these suggestions, Croatia could try to be less dependent on tourism.

Croatia could try to attract investments of capital, not only in tourism such as hotels and restaurants but in other promising branches as well, e.g. to build a warehouse in Croatia. In last few years Amazon was getting a lot of attention, there could be a possibility to build a central warehouse in Croatia which comes with a very promising location in Balkan.Croatia has been very popular among Czech tourists and almost every Czech family has been to Croatia for holidays. I hope that Croatia will still remain in the top visited countries and that their government will try to diversify their market and attempt to improve the well-being of local people.


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