Course on motivation) -Working Relationships- management style,

Course TitleBTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Travel and Tourism Unit Number Title6 Preparing for employment in travel and tourism Assignment No. Title3 Working practices Assessor NameCassie EvansLearner NameVanneza ComparesIssue Date13/12/17Hand in Date10/01/18Note The hand-in date for all tasks must be the same. Failure to meet the hand in date will result in disciplinary proceedings.

Scenario/Vocational ContextWorking practices will be examined to help you appreciate the factors that motivate employees and contribute to an effective workplace, and also the importance of creating a positive working environment. You are taking part in a recruitment consultancy research project into working practices of travel tourism organisations have been asked to produce some investigative evidence. Learning Outcomes 4. Understand the factors that contribute to an effective workplace.

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Criteria covered by this assignmentP6 Explain the factors that contribute to an effective workplace in travel tourism organisationsM3 Review how different travel tourism organisations motivate staff in the workplaceD2 Analyse the factors that contribute to an effective workplace, highlighting good practice from different travel tourism organisations Assignment Tasks Task You are taking part in a recruitment consultancy research project into working practices of travel tourism organisations have been asked to produce some investigative evidence. Explain the four factors that contribute to an effective workplace, including -Working environment- (location, working conditions, hours of work, health and safety, equipment, resources, theorists, social events and the impact on motivation) -Incentives- (remuneration, performance-related pay, incentive schemes, discounts, holiday entitlement pension schemes perks (e.g.- company cars, free meals, uniform provided), opportunities for promotion and progression and the impact on motivation) -Working Relationships- management style, teamwork, job roles and lines of responsibility, channels of communication equal opportunities, grievance and disciplinary procedures, Investors in People, buddies and mentoring, job security and the impact on motivation -Training- induction, training opportunities, appraisals and impact on motivation The explanations should be linked to the travel and tourism sector and you can use general examples from across the industry. This needs to be submitted as an article or report.

Your report should contain a review of 2 different travel and tourism organisations and how they motivate their staff in the workplace using the four factors above. To complete your report, include an analysis (positives/negatives/recommendations) of the factors that contribute to an effective workplace including possible recommendations. Specific examples of good practice must be included could include new approaches being trialled by organisations. You will also need to explain with supporting examples how organisations successfully combat some of the negative issues relating to employment in the travel and tourism industry, for example long hours, poor pay and seasonality.

Criteria coveredP6, M3, D2 Sources of Information HYPERLINK https// https//

uk/Pages/Home.aspx – Job profiles HYPERLINK http// http//careers. – Thomas Cook overseas and UK based jobs including tour operation, travel agent and airline HYPERLINK http// http//tuijobsuk. – TUI jobs UK and overseas HYPERLINK http// http// – Campsite courier and Kids Rep jobs HYPERLINK http//www. http// – Summer and winter season jobs HYPERLINK https//jobs. https// – British Airways recruitment site and case studies HYPERLINK http// http// – Virgin Atlantic jobs HYPERLINK http//www. http//www. – Jobs at Flybe HYPERLINK http// http//www. – useful link for local jobs at Exeter Airport ChecklistStudent DeclarationTask No What you should hand in( when completeI confirm that the content of this assignment is all my own using the information sources listed in the bibliography. I fully understand the consequences of plagiarism and copying Student Signature v.compares Date 10/01/20181Report Motivation in the workplace Motivation is about the ways a business can urge staff to put forth a valiant effort.

Inspired staff think about the achievement of the business and work better. A spurred workforce brings about Expanded yield caused by additional exertion from specialists. Enhanced quality as staff take a more noteworthy pride in their work. A more elevated amount of staff maintenance. Specialists are quick to remain with the firm and furthermore hesitant to take pointless days off work. Working Environment Location Location determines where employees work and with this is also decides whether the employees will get motivated or demotivated by this. For example, if you are working in an environment which is near your house and you dont need to travel as long. This is a positive reason to get motivated as you do not need to worry about waking up early or travelling for a long time which is very boring.

However, if you did live far from your working area you wont get motivated by this but you will get demotivated which is bad for you and the business itself because it impacts the performance of each employee who works there and the result of that is the business having a bad reputation. Working Conditions Working conditions will influence the performance you give, this will also show if you are motivated or demotivated. An example of this is, when the working condition has a good atmosphere and you are being treated right, this will make you feel motivated because you have colleagues who you can ask for help with you are stuck with something, and you get treated the same way as all your colleagues. However, if you work in a bad environment where you and your colleagues get treated badly, it will demotivate you equally there are no reasons for you to get motivated because the whole atmosphere of your working area is filled with demotivated staffs.

Hours of Work The hours of work you have will impact the way you are motivated or demotivated. For example, having a shift that is too short, this will make you feel unmotivated because you will think that there is no point of working at all as you dont even earn as much money as you wanted to. Also when you have to work long hours and you dont get the days off youre meant to have demotivates you because you are always in the same environment doing the same things every day and you dont get to rest as much as you wanted to. However, if you got a flexible hours you will get motivated because there will be times where you are at work and times where you can rest or socialise and visit you friends and family or even travel to different places.

Health and Safety Health and safety can determine if you are motivated or not. For example, if you feel safe and all the dangerous were marked on how to use them then you will get motivated to work as you feel very safe in the environment you work in. However, if the safety of each employee is not stated and how to maintain safe you wont feel motivated at all because you feel like you are not in an environment where you can work and feel safe at the same time. Equipment Equipment can heavily impact on your performance at work which can also impact your motivation and can result to demotivation. An example of this is, having a broken equipment such as coffee machines or cash machine, this can demotivated you because you cannot serve coffee that customers want and this can lead to unhappy customer, which then can lead to a massive pile of complaints that you have to with deal.

However if the coffee machine was properly working and the cash machine is operating well, you can get motivated because you can perform you job in the best way you can and you can even get compliments from this. Resources The resources you have at work can define if you are motivated or demotivated. For example, having the right resources such as pens and paper this will enable you to take notes of your customers order if you are working in a restaurant, this will motivate you because you have the correct resources and they work as well. However, if the pen that your work have provided for you is not working you might feel demotivated because you feel frustrated by the fact that none of the pens at your work are not working at all and by this you feel like nothing is going well and you be able to serve the customers in your best ability. Social Events Social events can be staff parties where everyone from the company have a party, and these events can have awards and recognition where employees who work hard can be awarded with gifts or bonuses. This can motivate employees because they have something to look forward in after working in the best way they can. Moreover, this can also demotivate employees as jealousy can occur and they may feel like they are not being recognised as all the others have. Working Relationships Management Style The managments sttle will determine if you are motivated or not.

For example, if your manager treated you in a good way you will be motivated because you feel like you are being recognised by your management. However, if the manager treats you badly such as having a bad communication, moody or very domineering it will not only put you to a very bad mood but may as well demotivate you. Teamwork (job roles and lines of responsibility) Working in the team can heavily impact you on whether you are motivated or demotivated. For example, if you work in a team who are understanding, caring and friendly, you will feel motivated because you know that you have colleagues that you can turn to when you need any help during work and you are able to communicate with them well. Moreover, if the team is the opposite and doesnt help you, not approachable and really care if you need some assistance you will get demotivated by this because the team does not respond to your needs and instead of helping you as one of their responsibilities they do not do it at all. Channels of Communication If there is a lack of communication at work, you may get demotivated or motivated if the communication at work is very good. For example, if someone called in sick the line manager should then tell everyone that this person is sick and wont be able to work, and that everyone will need to communicate with each other and help a colleague if they need some assistance. This will motivate you because you get the right information and the line manager knows what they are doing.

However, if the line manager did not inform about the sickness of your colleague it may turn into confusion of why they are not here, and they will be some arguments or misfunctioning may occur such as sort of staff and mistakes can happen, and no one will be able to help you straight away. Equal Opportunities Having equal opportunities are very motivating for all the people. These are some of the examples there are no discrimination occurring during work, the rules for all the colleagues are the same no one is more important than the other, the wages and salaries are the same for male and female in the same age and everyone has the same opportunity whether they are straight, bisexual, disabled, different race and different age, they all have equal opportunities to get a job.

If there were no equal opportunities, there will at least 45 of the population who are demotivated by this because they may feel mistreated, they may think that people will discriminate them or some other reason. Investors in people People investing in your business will get you motivated because you know you have the money to improve your business such as investing money to train your staff to be able to perform a fantastic customer service, the ability to treat all your staff to show them that you really care for them and that you appreciate the effort they put in to your business. However, if people did not invest in your business and you have no other way to get money, this will demotivate you because there are no ways you can show your appreciation to your employees and if this happens the demotivation you have now may get passed on to your employees and this will impact your business. Buddies and Mentoring You may feel demotivated if your manager or supervisor keeps on shadowing you and keep on telling you what you are doing wrong when you know you are doing your job right and you cannot do anything or say anything because you know that if you tell them they are wrong you may get in a trouble. However, if there wasnt any shadowing and the only thing there is are the opportunities to improve on your confidence and some of the skills you may need improving with. Job Security Incentives Remuneration/ money Money/ remuneration will heavily impact on whether youll be motivated or demotivated.

For example, the more money you get the more motivated you get. But if you got less money than you normally expected it to be you get lazy and demotivated. Performance- related pay Performance-related pay will impact on how motivated you are and will also determine if you are motivated or not. An example of this is, getting commissions when you sell products from the company, this will motivate you because you get more money just buy selling products to customers. However, if you didnt get any commission for the products you sell you, you will feel really demotivated because you are not being praised for working hard.

Incentives schemes Incentives schemes are very important when it comes to motivating staff because they feel appreciated but if the organisation did not have any incentives schemes this may lead to staff being demotivated. For example, you drive to car and have a free parking space for that specific company, this will motivate you because you wont need to pay for any parking space. However, if you dont have a car and the only incentives scheme they have is a free parking space, you wont get more motivated but may get demotivated because the scheme is not suitable for you and there are no other schemes the company offers you. Discounts Having discounts will heavily impact your motivation whether you will get more motivated or demotivated. For example, having free food when working and having 50 off for any meals and drinks you order when you are not at work, this will motivate you because you wont have to pay anything just to get food at your work and when you are not at work you can get discounts of which is good. Moreover, if you didnt get any discounts at your work or any free food during work you will get demotivated as you dont really feel appreciated and even if youre working you will still need to pay for food and drinks.

Holiday entitlement You can be motivated or demotivated when it comes to holiday entitlements, an example of this is having 28-30 days paid holiday with the same hurly rate yoy get paid with. However, if you didnt get any paid holiday you will get motivate because you feel not important and valued as you do not get praised by the hard work you do. Pension Schemes Pension schemes can affect whether you are motivated or not. For example, every month when you get paid some of the money will be set aside into your pension scheme as it will be useful when you get retired, this will motivate as you dont need to worry a lot about your money when you become retired. However, if there werent any pension schemes you may not be save money up which is a bad move because you will just end wasting all your money. This will demotivate you as the company you work for doesnt set any pension schemes. Perks Having benefits at work will motivate you because you know that there will be discounts that you can use to book holidays or during your holidays, the company you work for may use provide you uniform instead of you buying your own uniform and the company might give you a car to use for work and out of work.

However, if the company did not give you any rewards you will be demotivated as you feel like you must pay for all the expenses such as fuel and transport. Opportunities for promotion and progression You will feel motivated if you know that you are able to get promoted or can progress from your old position. Moreover, if the business does not do any promotions or progressions you will feel demotivated because you know there are no promotions and progressions for you to move in so the only best thing you can do is find another job or just keep on studying for now until you have found a better position and a better company to work for. Theories Training Induction Having an induction at your work place will motivate you because you will know where everything is and you will be able to meet people from your own work and when you start your first day without anyone motoring you, you will feel confident enough to talk to other people at your work. However, if there werent any induction and you just came to work not knowing what you must do and where everything is you will feel demotivated because you feel like none of your colleagues or the management are helping or welcoming you.

Training Opportunities Having training opportunities will motivate you because you will be able to develop your skills and can progress to another position which mean you will be able to earn more money and earn a higher title. However, if there werent any training opportunities you wont be able to progress in a high position which will lead you to demotivation which is not a good thing. Appraisals Conclusion I have found out that there will be positives and negatives when it comes to working in a company and this can also impact your motivations either on the good side or the bad side. Aspirational Target Grade DD Target Grade MP Assignment 3 of 3 Page PAGE Arabic MERGEFORMAT 5 of NUMPAGES Arabic MERGEFORMAT 6 2t)os2x-1s_ks_XWOkXsbVwk2bKGFFcxx(1n8311-.XXerz2ttyLOOder-ZY)q9xennnwgn E/m7r/[email protected])nomRED9zG7(ovYXZ,O.

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