cPanel allows to create E-mail accounts, DataBases, File

cPanel is most using web hosting control panel. It has simple and easy  interface.It allows to create  E-mail accounts, DataBases, File Transfer Protocol users, fully functional domain, child domain.

. Each cPanel account controls the settings for that particular account.Login issue===========Try to logincPanel account using different browser and clearing your browser’s  cache/cookies and attempt to access your hosting account again.When you were not able to log into cPanel for the first time, please do not try to do it as many times as possible.Sometimes you are trying to log into your cPanel account via your domainhttps://server domain:2083orhttps://server domain/cpanelhowever you cannot open that URL or cannot log in even though you are using the correct username and password.this happens when the DNS changes are not resolv completely throughout the Internet. So you can access your cPanelaccount at: https://IPaddress:2083/Missing Icon=============> In some case the images(Icon) that used to represent each process or options in cpanel will be missing.The same can be resolved by running a /script/upcpor /scripts/upcp –force Roundcube=========Check  MySQL is running using the command  ” /etc/init.

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d/mysql status “.If it’s running we get” mysqld (pid  837) is running… “Check the database connectivity from command line using” mysql -u roundcube -p “use”  mysql> use roundcube;” for switching  to databaseIf all tables exists then go ahead and repair the database.# mysqlcheck -r roundcubeIf database or tables are missing,# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube –forceEmail======> In some case the email present in roundcube or other application cant be accessed.Usually the same occured when there is some missing in the permission.

We can run /scripts/mailperm username> In some case negative size appear in email account size for some user in cpanel.To fix the same please run: /scripts/generate_maildirsize -confirm cPanelusernameQuota======Quota issue take a while depending on your current disk usage and  you can setdifferent quota values for cPanel accounts,Run the below command as root user.* vim /etc/fstab  check whether quota is enabled.*  mount -o remount /homeThen remount the /home partitioncreate a file ” aquota.user ” for that we need to run quotacheck*  quotacheck -c /home* quotaon /home ==>  Enable quota* edquota   ==>edit the quota of a user*  /scripts/fixquotas ==>this will solve the quota issue of cpanel accounts.

* /var/cpanel/cpanel.configfor edit quotacache ,If quotacache is set to 0, try setting  quotacache  to 1and see if that fixes it.SSL cert expire in less than 30 days==========================================Why you received email notification to reset your cPanel SSL certificates,Howto solve it?To reset SSL certificate, perform the following steps:    Log in to WHM as the root user.    Navigate to WHM’s Manage SSL Certificates interface (WHM >> Home >>Service Configuration >> Manage SSL Certificates).

    In the Actions column, click Reset Certificate and  Make sure your SSLsare valid for all the services;.The new expiration date will display in the Certificate Expiration column. You do not have permission to create subdomains of the server’s hostname===========================================================================Attempting to add a subdomain to a client’s WHM/cPanel VPS. Getting theerror:”You do not have permission to create subdomains of the server’shostname”Login to the “WHM” >> Go to “Server Configuration” >> Then go to “TweakSettings”    Enable the Following option in the “Tweak Settings”:      Allow users to park subdomains of the server’s hostname.Allow users to park subdomains of the server’s hostname: ONError: The domain is already pointed ====================================perform the following steps:==> Tweak Settings ==> Domains ==> Allow Remote Domains==> On ==> Save.OrMain ==> IP Functions ==> Configure Remote Service IPs ==> Remote DNS IPs  Add the IP addresses of the dns ==> save


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