Creating baskets, shoeboxes, shaker boxes, hat boxes,

Creating the Ideal Shabby Chic Bathroom

Every now and then, your ideal shabby chic bathroom can become cluttered and you might have considered trying take into consideration having some shabby chic accessories to include not only the tiny ones but additionally some storage shelves as well. Even when the majority of the people appear to have linen closets, bathroom shelves or cabinets to keep items, not everybody can manage to pay for that luxury. And also the ones with storing room occasionally face a messy bathroom.

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You will find all kinds of storing options to select from like cabinet organizers or the regular pullout drawers. You can find them at any home store or over the internet. Some wonderful accessories to store items on a bathroom are wicker baskets, shoeboxes, shaker boxes, hat boxes, etc. And if you don’t have doors to keep the items hidden, you can have a sink skirt under your sink.

How do you select the accessories?

The choice is determined by what you want or need. Considering wickers is essential if you like the 3-stacked picnic baskets. Your bathroom’s texture will define what colors and designs you can use – obviously it will be a shabby chic color pattern in case you have a shabby chic bathroom decoration-. When the problem is a chaotic sink, you then must try buying small wicker baskets for storing the small stuff such as perfumes, colognes, shaving cream, cosmetics, etc.

For traditional decorated baths as well as a rustic bath the standard pie safes are a pretty good accessory to consider. These safes stand in the corner of the bath just as a shelf does. They’ve a doorway that is made of glass. These varieties of storage ideas are really good to store linen, cleaning stuff or even just towels.

Looking after the space on your bathtub

To look after the space in your bathtub you should consider shabby chic accessories including tub trays or wired-over storage with attractive shabby chic designs. What I love about the tub trays is that one could place them over the side or back of the tub letting you store children toys, soaps, bath clothing and so on. For the other side, the wired-over storage solution provides really good storing features but also allowing you to place the shampoo and conditioner standing.

Another piece I like quite a lot is a shower bag since you can hang them and store razors, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, toys, etc.

Let your creativity run and you can even end up designing your personal medicine cabinet that will help you a lot with all the storing dilemma in your shabby chic bathroom. It is possible to select your shabby chic accessories to create one complete theme for your bathroom, depending if it’s a kid’s bathroom or it is designed becoming a social toilet or the one you may use day after day.
How can you pull it off?

The colors: Colors in this style are mainly soft pinks, pastel, and white. Earthy colors like soft brown and blue can be found on items such as rugs and artwork.
The items: You can have most of everyday bathroom items in the shabby chic style;
Bathroom items – towels, sleepwear, bathroom accessories


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