Creative talents are inherent in every person. Actually,

Creative talents are inherent in every person. Actually, this is life force. Creativity is the desire and ability to manifest one’s personality in the space where we live. If you want, creativity is the very desire to live. Realization of creative potential, the manifestation of one’s capabilities always helps to strengthen and multiply the vital forces of the individual. Only by realizing their creative intentions, a person is able to acquire a harmonious mental state. In other words, the person must always come up with new and increasingly interesting tasks, and then seek their solutions.

 If this is not the case, the personality begins to degrade.Of course, at different stages of life and at different ages, at different stages of development and in different fates, people set themselves a variety of tasks. It does not matter what it is: buying a beautiful dress or getting an education, raising children or moving to another city. It is important that the very process of solving the problem brings joy, emotional uplift, the desire to do something new, more complex and interesting. Probably, it is not necessary to specify that if all “creativity of the soul” is reduced to material acquisitions, then this is called “thingism”. And if “the realization of creative plans” in love is reduced to an infinite change of partners, then this is …

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the destruction of their energies. This “development of desires” is the same degradation.The formulation of more complex tasks involves a new task of a different level.

 Educated – you can achieve material independence. The love has come to the end – the need has matured for self-knowledge, understanding of one’s own mental characteristics and spiritual needs. Realization of self-knowledge – you can tune in to a meeting with a person appropriate to yourself. And so on, the process is endless both in time and in the variety of tasks. Such creative development of personality speaks about the mental normality of a person. And also that the soul strives for harmony not only in words, but also in deeds. From the psychological harmony of a person depends on his physical health.Thus, when we are creative about our life, strive to develop our needs, we have a much better chance of remaining physically healthy people.

 Diseases are acquired in monotonous and stagnant periods in the life of the soul. It does not matter how fate develops. The life of the soul is the inner life of man. Often, when there is a calm in the fate, a rapid process of development is taking place in the soul. Let’s say you are not satisfied with the work, you have a complete stagnation in business. But your thought works with a special strain, because this state does not suit you. You again and again analyze your activities, try to understand and feel what you want in the future from your work.

 This is the creative perception of life – the eternal search for harmony and a new progress towards perfection.At the same time, outwardly your life can have a turbulent variety: meetings, travel, business trips, hard work, and the soul is asleep. Nothing happens in it, nothing changes. In the twist of everyday life, she does not even have time to feel whether she likes this life. Well, one step remains to the illness.

 The greatest rivers flow under the earth. The most important thing in your destiny is not in the external, but in the inner space. And it is usually invisible to others. The potential of creative forcesA person is happy when life brings him satisfaction. Satisfaction occurs when forces and abilities are realized.

 A person always feels a potential, dormant, and sometimes deeply hidden in the worries of everyday life, and wants to uncover it.Let’s remember how unconsciously creative forces are bubbling in adolescents. At this age, there is literally a boiling of life energy. Because Nature itself is engaged in the activation of human forces at this age. Nature needs the birth of a healthy and strong offspring, the preservation and development of this species of biological beings. The creative and sexual energies of man are woven into a single bundle of vital forces.

 Thus the Creator shows to people that the creative, spiritual development of man is as important for evolution as the continuation of biological life itself. Man is not only nature, not just a physical body. In man, the spark of God, the inner, spiritual essence of God is hidden. Therefore, it is so important to direct the energy of a teenager to develop creative abilities.

Of course, this is important not only for a teenager. We conducted special studies aimed at ascertaining how the rise of creative activity affects the mental and physical health of a person at any age (starting from the age of 18). All the people participating in the research passed initial psychological tests that showed how confident each person is, how concerned he is with his health, how sociable, how freely he feels among people, how active he is, anxious, excited or depressed.I must say that today’s reality does not contribute to the preservation of harmony in people’s lives, so testing did not give a happy picture. We observed how high anxiety, uncertainty in the future, and high concern for one’s health. At the same time, the rates of sociability and activity are very low, and self-confidence and freedom in manifesting sincere desires are too small.

 Often there was depression, as well as excessive excitability, nervousness. Within three months, a group of volunteers studied the methods of self-regulation, built on the stimulation of the creative forces and mental activity of the individual. Having learned to observe the state of vital forces of the organism and activate their energy potential, people developed spiritually active attitude to their health, their work and destiny.At the end of the class, many were surprised to find in themselves a good ability to draw, poetry, dance and even to write music. But most importantly – repeated tests showed a significant change in the indications in the characteristics of the mental state of the subjects. Increased confidence in their abilities, sociability, freedom of expression of will, anxiety decreased. Many people have noticed a significant improvement in their relationships with people and a generally favorable change in life circumstances.

You can activate your creative abilities in various ways. In any case, one thing is quite obvious: man’s vital forces and his creative activity are directly dependent on each other. There are forces – there is creativity. (Why do teenagers hooligan? So their creativity is not attached to creativity.) Creativity is stimulated – the vital forces of the body grow, physical and mental health is strengthened, a normal, harmonious perception of the world and of itself in this world appears. Energy and harmonious creativity are necessary for a person to be healthy and happy, able to solve any problems and build life at will.

Sometimes you notice that you have a premonition of some events. Sometimes you suddenly find the right decision, it comes as an insight. It happens, as a miracle comes true, what you only secretly dreamed of, afraid to think about it seriously.

 And yet there is no miracle. There is only a harmonious energy of your being, directed in the right direction. Intuitive insightIt is known that in the process of creative activity in finding a solution to a problem, a scientific problem, a person often finds an intuitive solution. It comes as a brilliant guess, like insight, like a flash of light. As if the Lord God whispered in your ear.

 And what to do, so that he more often “whispered”? More often to be in a state of creative enthusiasm.The state of intuitive insight, instant illumination, is undoubtedly based on subconscious processes in the human psyche. Studies of creative processes under the guidance of O.K. Tikhomirova. He showed that in the state of hypnosis an ordinary person is able to draw as a brilliant artist. But the most interesting is that, coming out of hypnosis, he retains his abilities! We just have to wonder to what extent we do not know ourselves!The external push reveals dormant abilities. In the studies of O.

K. Tikhomirov’s external impulse was a modified state of consciousness – hypnotic. But this is not the only altered state known to man. There are states of relaxation (deep relaxation), meditation (concentration on any subject without any thought), prayers. Psychology calls them sometimes states of self-hypnosis.

 But unlike hypnosis, in these states everything is in the power of the person, freedom of will, individuality of a person, and self-control are completely preserved: I want – I enter this state, I want – I leave it.The mechanism of the altered state of consciousness is not known to anyone yet. Mankind has not grown to such mysteries. We are still so stupid that, if this mechanism is known, we would immediately start using it against ourselves (in military, destructive purposes). However, for a long time people have been given more methods of introducing oneself into a state of communication with subtle Worlds. This is self-hypnosis, this is the state of the creative upsurge. All spiritual practices known to mankind are based on relaxation and meditation.

 The meaning of these states is the use of those brain capacities that are absolutely unclaimed in everyday life. The goal of altered states of consciousness is self-knowledge. How to become a psychicThe creative activity of the individual depends on the depth of his self-knowledge. The desire to understand oneself, the deep meaning of one’s actions and moods is the first step on the way to creativity.

 And the first step on the way to God. Knowing ourselves, we know God, because we are a part of it. Therefore, it is very good that today there is practically no person indifferent to the issues of psychology.Famous American psychiatrist Shafiq Karagul attempted to investigate the psychic. Stunning things turned out! People with supersensory perception (the so-called psychics) are much more than we used to think. Almost every talented specialist in his field, whether he is a doctor or an engineer, a poet or artist, a scientist or a high school teacher, a mechanic or plumber, a builder or a programmer, a cook or a farmer, is guided by responsible decisions with his instincts. And in the state of enthusiasm for his work spontaneously falls into altered states of consciousness, that is, he uses the secret abilities of his brain, which he has not yet understood.It’s no wonder that enthusiastic and creative people are less likely to get sick, live longer and usually are happy, because they constantly feed the vital forces of the body.

 However, often they have a lot of problems in life, at home. They seem to lack time (or knowledge) to apply their creative state to all areas of their lives. Or they do not know how to do it consciously and purposefully.

 This fact confirms the idea of ??unconscious, spontaneous entry of a person into this amazing state.Often such people hide their phenomenal abilities, which they manifest only in a particular area, being afraid of being misunderstood or ridiculed. They also try to explain their intuitive knowledge with some kind of materialistic constructs. The pier, probably, somewhere read, saw something, heard and casually guessed. The trick is that one for some reason “guesses” all the time, and another “expert” does not understand what is obvious to everyone.



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