Crime themselves while males are often quicker

Crime causation- Crime causation is the reason why people commit crimes. I am going to outline four theories. (1) Neoclassical, (2) classical, (3) strain theory.
(1) The neoclassical school is a school of thought that places the blame of committed crimes entirely on individuals. The punishment for the individual must be proportional to the crime. People who commit these crimes must be informed of what they are been arrested for. The neoclassical school says that people are more commonly stopped from committing crimes when they know that they will be caught, rather than the seriousness of the punishment.
(C. Quirke, 2017)

(2) The classical school was based on utillarian philosophy. Jeremy Bentham and Cesare Beccaria argued that people have an entitlement to choose how they act. People who are hedonists, weigh up the pros and cons of the consequences of each action but do not care enough because they seek so much pleasure in the crimes they are committing. The classical school believes that criminals can receive treatment with the expectation that they will be rehabilitated.
(C. Quirke, 2017)

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(3) This theory recommends that those individuals from society, who wind up in a place of financial difficulty but wish to achieve material success, fall back on misbehaviour with the hope of accomplishing their objectives. Females are more likely to react with depression and anger while males will more than likely respond with just anger. Often, females put the blame on themselves while males are often quicker to blame others.


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