Crime stories, they promote the knowledge of CPTED.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental DesignTarunteja MandavaProfessor. Dr. Irvin HeardUniversity of the CumberlandsISOL 634: 2018_FALL_MAIN_Physical Security_22September 2,2018 AbstractCrime Prevention is defined as the recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove it. CPTED takes crime prevention one step further by studying the site design and working with the development community and public development agencies to create safer designs in new and existing developments. The integration of CPTED into the small and macro levels of urban style and designing with Throughout country and also the adoption of CPTED principles inside a social sustainability framework and design through initiatives like native Governments role in Health and welfare. IntroductionSome cities, such as San Diego, have implemented CPTED polices without significant benefits. To identify the techniques cities like Seattle and Philadelphia have implemented in order to create successful CPTED policies.

Maintenance allows for the continued use of a space for its intended purpose. Serve as an additional expression of ownership. Maintenance and management need to be considered at the design stage, as the selection of materials and finishes will impact on the types of maintenance regimes that can be sustained overtime. For instance, plant materials should be selected for its size at maturity to avoid blocking of sight lines.

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Rainer Othello Safety Association (ROSA) holds community events to increase community engagement and the awareness of vegetation maintenance. Sharing stories, they promote the knowledge of CPTED. The use of physical attributes that express ownership such as fencing, pavement treatments, signage and landscaping. This strategy aims to increase a sphere of influence over a property whereby the homeowners, employees, members and users can take a bigger interest within the events occurring in their environment:• Define property line with fencing, plantings or elevation changes.

• Design prominent building entrances.• Create a unique environment through the use of pavement treatments, artwork, lighting and architectural designs. • Usually revenue generating; ticket holders or parking fees.• Recreational Vehicles typically confined to RV lots; further from the venue.• Recreational Vehicles often discouraged on non-game days. • Recreational Vehicles parking areas are not specifically located to provide observation of protected areas or planned in order to achieve more continuous natural surveillance and activity support outer perimeter areas.

Behavior is a product of the interaction between person and environment. The built environment can influence behavior for good or ill. Crime, which is a form of behavior, occurs when the both a criminally motivated person and the opportunity to commit the crime are present.

In other words, both motivation and opportunity are needed for crime to occur. Crime prevention through environmental design and effective use of a created environment can reduce the chance of crime and fear of crime and enhance the quality of life. ConclusionFrom the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, I came to know all community planners, planners and public safety/health agencies. Which involves in the community planning and maintenance process and development of code enforcement teams to serve as a crime prevention tool in localities.

ReferencesJung, s. (2009). CPTED Measures . Sustainability.Virginia, C. o. (2000). Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

Virginia Beach.


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