Crisis which her son was hit by a

Crisis CounselingNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Crisis CounselingPrioritize Jamila’s Concerns in the Counseling SessionJamila’s concerns need immediate attention as they are over whelming to Jamila (Kolski, Jongsma, & Myer, 2012). Jamila has been having counseling sessions to help her better manage her son during which her son was hit by a car and is currently at the hospital, which has affected Jamila more. It is the responsibility of the counselor to address those concerns since Jamila is her client and during this time, she is having a crisis, the counselor can be helpful in managing the situation (Kolski, Jongsma, & Myer, 2012). These concerns need to be incorporated into the existing counseling goals and prioritized depending on the major concerns (Kolski, Jongsma, & Myer, 2012). The most pressing concern is her son’s accident, which the counselor should address first (Kolski, Jongsma, ; Myer, 2012).

This issue has resulted to other problems and in addressing this concern, the other issues should also be covered which include arranging childcare for her daughter so she can be able to stay with her son at the hospital. Arranging for special care for her son when she gets home should also be addressed and finally the fear that she will lose her job as a teacher’s aide in the local public school. The earlier concerns should be the last to be addressed, which are better management of her son since they are not pressing issues now (Kolski, Jongsma, & Myer, 2012).Steps To Take In This Session To Make Sure That Jamila Has The Resources She Needs Right Now?Steps to ensure that Jamila has the resources she needs right now include making a plan on the goals of the counseling and the resources required in achieving those goals (Egan, 2014). In determining the origin of the crisis, which is her son’s accident, steps to help Jamila can be implemented to prevent a more crisis (Egan, 2014). Establishing a good environment will help Jamila in overcoming most of the concerns facing her.

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A good environment includes having people who can enable Jamila in overcoming the crisis who can include her family or close friends who better know her (Egan, 2014). The counselor should also determine the most suitable counseling theories to apply which will help Jamila in her situation, which will determine the necessary resources to integrate in the counseling session and improve the outcome of the counseling session (Egan, 2014). Having an open communication channel is also important in ensuring that Jamila has all the required resources, as she is able to communicate any issues regarding the counseling process (Egan, 2014). Issues that may lead to more crises should be considered and strategies to protect the client from these issues should be implemented. Collaboration between Jamila and the counselor is also useful in ensuring that the necessary resources are determined.

Involving clients to participate during the counseling process is important in ensuring that they participate in the decision-making process, which may also involve resource allocation (Egan, 2014).How Would You Help Jamila Develop A Plan To Manage The Current Crisis?A plan to manage the current crisis should involve the participation of the counselor as well as the client (Miller, 2013). The planning should include time management and scheduling to enable Jamila to take care of other needs, which include visiting her son at the hospital and her daughter at home (Miller, 2013). With prioritization of the needs as a counselor, I will be able to provide and cater for her immediate needs (Miller, 2013).

Temporary solutions may also be provided to address the pressing concerns while at the same time, permanent solutions are determined (Miller, 2013). In Jamila’s case, the most pressing issue should be addressed and the counselor should help Jamila in coping with her son’s accident. Temporary care, which can be provided by her family to take care of her daughter, can address the issue of her daughter (Miller, 2013).

Jamila also should follow the right procedure in requesting a leave at her job to avoid losing her job. ReferencesEgan, G. (2014). The skilled helper: A problem-management and opportunity-development approach to helping. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning.Kolski, T.

D., Jongsma, A. E., ; Myer, R. (2012). The crisis counseling and traumatic events treatment planner. Hoboken, N.

J: Wiley.Miller, G. (2013). Fundamentals of crisis counseling. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.


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