Critical submission using the Submissions Folder Your

Critical Reading Assignment:Reading, Quoting, and Paraphrasing (10%)Due Date: Sunday, September 23 @ 11:59 pmSubmission Instructions: electronic submission using the Submissions FolderYour Task: Re-read the article assigned by your professor for the Diagnostic Assignment: Jaffe, S.

(2016). You’re Fired!”., 80(3), 25–28., and respond to the following 7 questions:1. Identify Audience: Who is the target audience for this article? What evidence can you find in the article to support your answer?The whole article reveals that workers are the main audience. I choose workers because in this article the author tells us about the workers replacement with H1B temporary hiring via companies like cognizant, their wages, skills and about the permanent residence of them.2. Identify Purpose: What is the purpose of this article? What evidence can you find in the article to support your answer?The purpose of this article is save money and want workers for work .

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In America there was no more people to work and the workers who did work there. Company give high salary to them as they were residence of America. That is why under the 1990 immigration act foreign workers come to the US. But the company did not give full reward of their efforts and these workers were very costless. Moreover, 65000 workers came to the America for work every year. So the companies saves money by giving less money to them for their wprk3. Quote and Cite Main Point: Using the table below, respond to 3a), b), and c).

Write each component of the sentence in the appropriate cell.a. Identify Main Point: Using the author’s original wording, write down the main point of the article.

Remember to use quotations around this passage.b. Create a Signal Phrase: Add a phrase to the above passage that introduces the idea and indicates who the author is.c. Cite: Add the in-text citation to the passage above.

Studies on workers show that “Is the employer’s response to that is, ‘once you do that, they’re going to leave, they are going to find another work.’ So the problem isn’t a labour shortage. It’s a shortage of people who want to do your job at the wages you want to pay.” Jaffe,.(2016),p.

28signal phrase main point citationSample:Studies on comics show that “this challenge to combine words and pictures is fundamentally about creating an effective design that can attract readers through multiple communication models” (Yu, 2015, p.74).signal phrase main point citation 4. Paraphrase and Cite Main Point: Using your own words and sentence structure, restate the main point of the article.”Is the company’ reaction to this,’if you do that once they would not remain in one place. They will discover another work. Lack of employees is not the issue. The issue is the shortage of an individual’s at the rate of the work that a business wants to pay (Jaffe, .

s.2016. You’re fired).5.

Cite Paraphrased Main Point: Add the in-text citation to the passage above.6. Identify Support: What support does the author provide for their main point? Paraphrase and cite these points below:a. Point 1: “There need to be solidarity between the America and immigrants about to raise the wages for everyone. This is related to the violation corporate utilization of the migrating system”b.

Point 2:”Everyone willingness is that the employees must be capable to get their rights and live in feel environment without any restrictions with their family members.”c. Point 3: Import foreign workers is the best method if you allow the hopes of them then they will participate in this system very nicely.

Even though it is a lawful activity. So that is why we truly need new models.7. APA Reference: Write down the publication information for the article exactly as it would appear in a reference list (following APA@Conestoga documentation style). Jaffe, S (2016).you’re fired!”.,P.25-28.,


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