Critical What is the purpose of this article?

Critical Reading Assignment:
Reading, Quoting, and Paraphrasing (10%)
Due Date: September 27, 2018
Submission Instructions: electronic submission
Your Task: Re-read the article assigned by your professor for the Diagnostic Assignment, “Taking a Break from Digital Overload” by L. Eichler and respond to the following 7 questions:
In this article author target the users who are using digital devices. She sets an ideal for current digital savvy generation.

The evidence which supports the answer is that the author says in article that the new generation get badly addicted by digital devices. So she sets an example for users of devices like smartphones, i-pads and laptops.
Identify Audience: Who is the target audience for this article? What evidence can you find in the article to support your answer?
Identify Purpose: What is the purpose of this article? What evidence can you find in the article to support your answer?
The purpose of this article is that people are getting badly addicted by digital devices and new technology. It is badly influencing them as they are getting away from their social life, family and friends. Also it effects on their health for
instance as they are likely to spend their whole time at home by using digital devices so as a consequence of it they are not likely to play outdoor games with their friends.

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Quote and Cite Main Point: Using the table below, respond to 3a), b), and c). Write each component of the sentence in the appropriate cell.

Identify Main Point: Using the author’s original wording, write down the main point of the article. Remember to use quotations around this passage.

Create a Signal Phrase: Add a phrase to the above passage that introduces the idea and indicates who the author is.

Cite: Add the in-text citation to the passage above.
The research on mobile devices shows that “It improves productivity of human life and helps to manage our day to day routine tasks and keep us updated to new technologies and activities that are happening around us”

signal phrase main point citation
Studies on comics show that “this challenge to combine words and pictures is fundamentally about creating an effective design that can attract readers through multiple communication models”
(Yu, 2015, p.74).

signal phrase main point citation

Paraphrase and Cite Main Point: Using your own words and sentence structure, restate the main point of the article.

In this article author says that technology increases our output in life as it helps to rise our productivity. It also helps us to handle daily works that have to be done. By digital devices we can keep our self up to date and know about the current issues that happening around us. So we can say that the technology helps us in many ways despite some disadvantages.
Cite Paraphrased Main Point: Add the in-text citation to the passage above.

Identify Support: What support does the author provide for their main point? Paraphrase and cite these points below:
Point 1:
The first major point to support this article is that every year majority of people are using a lot of digital devices and started getting online. The report of 2012 comScore Inc. report shows that people in Canada are spending more than 45 hours a month online.

Point 2:
The second major point is that people are getting addicted by it and they have no time to spend with their friends and relatives as spend their time on these devices.

Point 3:
Third point is people are getting busy in their jobs and they use these devices many times to see notifications and updates
APA Reference: Write down the publication information for the article exactly as it would appear in a reference list (following [email protected] documentation style).

Eichler.l,(2012,November9),Taking a brake from digital overload


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