Cross cultural perspective could be plausible consideration for this inconsistency in this result. In the individualist culture people are expected to make their own wishes known and work to satisfy their own need, in this situation parents promote children’s assertion of their will and more autonomy. Hence, in promoting social competence such as, (helping behavior) of the child, individualist parents would use authoritative techniques to internalize the values on their children, that can lead to differences on social responsibility (helping behavior) among male and female adolescents as they are more assertive and have autonomy in their decision making in individualist culture. In contrast, individuals in collectivist culture emphasize on self-restrain, children are viewed as subordinate to the aims and needs in-group. Therefore, parents tend to promote interdependence than autonomy, through cooperative and interdependence atmosphere, motivate both male and female children equally to be involved with and meet others’ needs.


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