Crossing mutations due to the homologous nature

Crossing over and translocation is 2 processes that cause genetic variations. crossover|biological process} is that the process of exchanging genetic material among the homologous chromosomes. It leads to recombinant chromosomes which might result in genetic variations. Homologous chromosomes try up with one another throughout the prophase one of the meiosis and exchange their genetic materials. thanks to this exchange of various segments of the chromosomes between homologous chromosomes, recombinant chromosomes ar created by the crossover|biological process} process methodology (biological process) is that the method of exchanging genetic materials of the chromosomes between homologous chromosomes. it is a commonplace methodology of meiosis, and it causes new issue combos.

however, it does not cause mutations due to the homologous nature of the chromosomes. Translocation is that the methodology of exchanging genetic materials between non-homologous chromosomes. Translocation finally ends up in very variable issue combos which can be dangerous and cause utterly completely different unhealthiness conditions like differing kinds of cancers etc. usually|this can be} often the excellence between process and translocation.

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