CS plenty of information about children’s development and

CS VI: Commitment to ProfessionalismMy goals for the functional area of professionalism is to maintain a commitment to professionalism. I will always look for the opportunities that help me through positive growth in my career. I worked as a volunteer and with a teacher in a preschool class, I learned that working with children means that the teacher is a lifetime learner. I have participated in art activities and science skills, keeping paperwork ordered is significant to the school and families. I will attend a seminar to keep my knowledge up to date about early childhood state program and strategies, skills to teach children, and I will assure that the children and families under my supervision will experience a developmentally appropriate education that children deserve. I love working with children, families, and encourage them to experience what they love to do. I like to subscribe to resources that have plenty of information about children’s development and milestones.

Resources provide me the information that I can utilize in the classroom. I also share resources that help parents understand about positive growth of children. I adhere the NAEYC ethics code statement of commitment. The standards and criteria are the foundation of NAYEC accreditation for early childhood program.

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Also, my goal is to ensure that children feel safe, secure and build positive learning environment. I also respect families and children’s cultural differences and the situation with dignity.


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