Culminating their families, co-workers and supervisors. Working with

Culminating Activity ReportBy Brie SimpkissThe career I chose to research on is a Camp Counselor. A Camp counselor has a lot of responsibilities such as supervising camp activities, leading youth groups, implementing core and non-core programs and bring outdoor experiences to children. Camp counselors will also be responsible for the safety and development of their campers, leading them in fire drills and emergency scenarios in order to learn how to stay safety in the wilderness. A Camp counselor is responsible for making camp organized, that campers enjoy group activities, that they give them emotional support job, growth, skills,  achievement of the participants a group and mostly importantly, they provide these campers with a fun outdoor experience. The five main personality traits you need to be a Camp counselor job are:Patients: To be calm and ready when dealing with youth that may not share your excitement for outdoor activities.

The Camp counselor is the caregiver when dealing with young campers, as well as their families,  co-workers and supervisors. Working with children can be challenging making patience an important trait for this job. High energy: You will be dealing with childs with huge amounts of energy at their disposal, so a Camp counselor has got to be ready to keep up with them possibly all day, 7 days a week. A Camp counselor needs to maintain a good physical health if they wish to do the very best they can do for this job and to show theses kids a fun outdoor experience.Respect: An effective Camp counselor has to have the same respect for the young campers they work with just the same as they would for their fellow co-counselor. Respect their families they are giving you their child believe you are the people that will give their child a strong sense of responsibility, setting a good example and are positive role models for youth. Humor: Being a Camp counselor can sometimes be draining, both physical and mentally and just plain stressful, but in times when learning should be fun, youth are more likely to become engaged in activity if the fun is share with their counselor and are enjoying it as well.

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Counselors are also able to handle frustration better and challenging situations if they maintain a good sense of humor, not just with himself but also their co-workers, bosses and with the young campers. Social skills: It is essential for caregivers to develop positive relationships with, co-workers, volunteers, families and young campers themselves. The ability to connect to them and show them the wonders of outdoor fun what is means to be a camp counselor. If someone is not able to hold a simple conversation with a kid than the job is not for them.A Camp counselor can greatly affect the lives of young campers forever thanks to their influence on them.

Although tt is the young campers ability to observe their peers and surrounding that help shape or morph themselves as they grow up.  The Social Learning Theory by Albert Bandura, talks about this very thing, how the influences of our peers, sometimes people we look up to, help shape who we are. That is an ability a Camp counselor commands. The ability to inspire the youth, be the role model, to show them the positives of being outdoors is not just good for you, but society as well. They help show the rights from the wrongs in the wilderness, to learn from them and be improved by them is a huge influence in a youth.

Another way to help the development of young kids is how they are given their basic needs and how to give them self-fulfillment in their lives, that is what Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy theory talks about. At camp (depending on your type of camp), a Camp counselor helps you provide these basic needs. They teach them how to properly build a tent, clean water by boiling and filtering it, searching for food, and knowing what is safe to eat and what is not.  The Camp counselor provides you with safety in a situation they are unfamiliar with, but more importantly, the counselor teaches the safety and the skills to handle the wild for these kids to remember, building in them self-worth, self-fulfillment and achievement.  A camping experience is not just a fun activity for people to mess around in the wild, it is a diverse learning adventure for the youth. Here are a few strategies that help strengthen diversity at the campsite. Nurturing respect amount camper and counselor. Making quality dialogue between the two parties, and building a strong tolerance for the youths ambiguity and dissonance is one of many ways counselors can make a strong diverse bridge between them and campers.

Building common ground among campers. That doesn’t mean taking away their differences or what makes them unique, just not letting their differences get in the way with what they all have in common. At camp the youths are sometimes put in situations where they do have to put aside their differences in order to move forward. Help place these differences together so they can create synergy and improve and learn from their situation. Say when two different people, one that’s very fast pace and one who is very reflective are given a task to complete, but by themselves they wouldn’t get the best results.

Although if they work together, the fast pace kid can get most of the task done, while the reflective kid makes sure that everything is done correctly, resulting in the task being completed with the best outcome. In conclusion, though I explained the positives of being a camp counselor, I myself would not want to become one. Reasons being that I don’t hold some of the main traits it takes to become a counselor. I have little to no patiences, if I have to deal with little brats for weeks on end in the summer, I would go mad. Also cannot keep up with the happy-go-lucky type counselors I see sometimes, sometimes you just need to get a little mad to show the kids that they did wrong, but that’s just my opinion.   


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