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Culture is such a dominant influence on organisation performance that it eat strategy for lunch post By RagaMounikaBanner ID B00361090 Organization culture refers to system, that members share and that distinguishes the organization from other.

The culture of an organisation can be analyzed based on how it rates on characteristics, which are relatively stable and predictable overtime. Organization culture is a relatively enduring quality of the internal environment that is experienced by the members, influences their behaviour and can be described interns of value of particular set of characteristics of the organization (Renato Taguiri, 1968). Organisation culture is the set of characteristic that describe an organization and that is distinguish one organization from other organizations and relatively enduring over time and influence the behaviour of the people in the organization (Glimer, 1964).

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Infosys is an IT services company. It competes against multinational firms including IBM and Accenture. In 2002, Infosys was considered as the strongest financial performer in India and the best employer also by Business Today. But in 2003, the total employee system was changed in internal employee performance and there was decrease not only in employee satisfaction but also in loyalty and decrease in advocacy. By all of these the confidence in senior leadership in the firm got decreased (Business Today best employee and company, 2003) To overcome this situation the company hired a lead employee of the human resources, she is Hema Ravichandra. The main reason for this drop is increasing in disconnection between info scions and their middle and upper manager.

Immediately Hema Ravichandra and her team working on several initiatives and also started improving in communication, empowerment and trust , internal strengthening in employees. The effort began by creating a policy council, chaired by HR. Since many managers within Infosys head very little management experience. Then Hema created a training programs including training in cross cultural management, dealing with sexual harassment and a safe working environment, listening and responding to employee concerns. And finally, managers were given more authority to make decision regarding their project, assignment and subordinates.

(The Eco Times story on infosys culture , 2017)Finally in 2004 their initiative had a significant changes within Infosys, with the company returning to business today’s best employee and best company. (Business Today’s , 2004). By this understood that how organisation culture effects the performance of the employees which consist effects the performance of the organisation. This proves that organization culture and values are much important for a organization because it leads to the success and longer sustainability of the company. Without culture the organisation can’t work only on strategy. I agree that culture influence on organization performance more than strategy.Works Cited(2003).

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