Culture play sports cheat and learning to cheat

Culture Suggests Cheaters Do Prosper response. Cheating has always been in us, people learn to lie or cheat at a young age.

Many people have cheated or lie at least more than once in his/her life. Cheating can either be in a test,relationship,games or many other. Kids cheat when they play games together, some kids learn to cheat because of their parents.

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Most kids who play sports cheat and learning to cheat is not good for a kid mindset. Some children and their parents convincing themselves on to being superstars, so they can go to a bigger college like harvard, stanford or brown making it seem like if they go to one of those colleges they will have a better worthwhile life. In more professional sports athletes there’s has been many cases of cheating as many athletes use drug substances to become better, steroids has been one of the most used drug substance used by athletes Baseball,Basketball and Football has been found to use this substance. Other ways people cheat are during exams many tennagers also cheat during test or homework.

Cheating can be very bad as when people cheat you’re not doing your work you are just looking at someone’s work which is not good since you don’t learn. Cheating is never good especially when someone does all the work and the other person just cheats of the other person paper. Is more seen in teenagers especially in high school and elementary. I believe that when a person is caught cheating there should be consequences so that person does not do the same thing again as professional sport athletes whenever they get caught using any illegal substance they get fined and even suspended not just a few games but seasons.


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