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List the aspects of employment covered by law. National minimum wage Hours worked Discrimination Health and safety (work conditions) Holiday entitlements Redundancy dismissal Training Disciplinary procedures List the main features of current employee legislation. • Employment rights • Equalities •…

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National & Heating, our team believes that

National Pizza Day is celebrated annually on February 9.But, at Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating, our team believes that this deliciouslycheesy dish deserves much more than a one-day celebration. So, in honor ofAmerica’s favorite food (and one of our favorite…

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A weekends. Immigrants never try to fight

A immigrant is defined as a person coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Immigrants were brought to a foreign country by their parents, some even as toddlers. Some immigrants only know English as a language. Immigrants don’t even…

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Diwali they might say that the origins of

Diwali is known around the world as the festival of lights because of how impressive andimportant this holiday is to the Hinduism religion. Diwali is also well known around the worldand beyond the religions of Hinduism by many people because…

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Importance students are often asked for view

Importance of recognizing our voice: ontology, Epistemology and Positionality All of the level of students are often asked for view on issues, we take or interpretation, our value-based understanding or positionality. As we approach the stage of thesis writing you…

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