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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy used in businesses to increase the level of profitability by satisfying customers and maintaining loyalty.

As there is an increasing competition nowadays to survive in a successful business world, many firms are adjusting to challenges towards implementing CRM practices. Due to a few research of CRM in context of hotel industry, it was determined to evaluate to what extent CRM is flourishing in different firms by means of targeting employees in the implementation of practices. CRM practices have been considered to be an important element in the competitive business environment among hotels to improve their performance. According to previous researches, it has been found that hotels normally do not take potential advantages of CRM. It has been also identified that a lack of internal strategy is a failure in which most hotels are unable to benefit the CRM success.

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Therefore, they struggle to succeed throughout the implementation. As such, the purpose of this study was to assess CRM and analyse the main success factors in hotel industry in Mauritius whereby a hotel in the east was chosen for analysis. In regard to the aim and objectives set, the conceptual framework was developed and further formulated in hypotheses to be analysed.

In order to maintain both primary and secondary source of data, an approach of mixed methods comprising quantitative and qualitative research were used to determine the relationships variables. The data was collected from employees using a simple random sampling through questionnaires (n=220) and interviews (n=22) among the employees in the chosen hotel out of a sample size (n=250) intended. The analysis resulted in determining the crucial role in CRM practices and revealed that it was necessary to invest in technology but yet, it is not sufficient to achieve positive results in CRM. The study recommended that to have more positive results, hotel managers should put emphasis on effective leadership, constant motivation to their employees and engage them in strategy. It has been also found that customer focus is an important and crucial factor to reach CRM as it needs personal attention and personalized conduct.


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