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Customer value indicates the variation in value between efficiency and quality or profits and costs for customers when purchasing goods or utilizing services. However, some authorities interpret customer value as the level of choices customers improves after their evaluation of product qualities 16. Further, the customer-delivered value indicates to the separation in value between the total customer value and total customer cost, while total customer value indicates to a collection of benefits that customers suspect to gain from appropriate products or services.

Generating customer value and allowing it to customers will enhance the overall value of the company. The customer value in this circumstance indicates regarding what customers want from their prospect, and it is clear that customer value can be gained from buying and utilizing products. Based on the three classes of technology (long-linked, intensive, and mediating) by Stable and Fjeldstad extended the value chain structure by Porter to become three kinds of value form models on corporate levels: “value chain,” “value shop,” and “value network.

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” Increased customer value is crucial for maintaining customer loyalty. In the 21st century, e-commerce presents one of the most significant roles in value creation. The first country to improve the e-commerce trade was the United States, followed by European countries and Japan. Hence, the higher the customers’ perceived value of a website, the higher their loyalty to the website will be.

Therefore, the following hypothesis was inferred:


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