Cutting listen to every tiny sound and smell

Cutting down a dead tree, throwing it onto a pile of dirt , and setting it on fire makes you feel pure happiness and joy. As that dried up, shriveled stump lets out minutes to hours of energy soaked up from the sunlight ,the breeze and the soil around it , it comes out in brilliant lights, crackling pops, and the awful smell of smoke and burning wood .?You can close your eyes and let your mind paint yellow , orange , and red kaleidoscopes as the warmth rushes over you , giving you that awesome relaxed feeling when you don’t have anything on your mind.

Sitting close to a campfire also gives you a feeling of warmth. In a cold dark campsite, on that brisk summers night, sitting on a cold log bench , beside the cold lake glistening in the moonlight, your senses of hearing and smell perk up as listen to every tiny sound and smell around you.?Awesome!?

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