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Cutting edge – Too poor for posh school___________________________________________________________________________Task a)Title: Too poor for posh school by Cutting EdgeGenre: BBC DocumentarySubject: The british educational systemIntroduction/opening:The story is about three boys that are listed for the “Peter Beckwith scholarship, Krishan, Numhan and Tumi, they show how it is to be at such a prestigious school. What happens for such as their future, and knowing it will create a foundation for the rest of their lives, and so for their family. On the course of a day we follow them, We get shown and get an idea of what they have test and interviews about.

Such subjects as english, math and their sports prowess. At the end of the show we get to know, who really are conquers of the scholarships.About Harrow:The documentary tell us a lot about the right out extraordinary boarding schools. There are 800 boys in total, this is the Harrow School is one of Britain’s most prestigious and public schools, offering a first class education to those boys whose parents can afford the high fees, £200.000 for the scholarship, divide that by 7 years in total, you  nearly £30,000 per annum, £28.571 to be exact. Facts:Public school is also referred to as being an exclusive and rather expensive private school which does not get funded by the state.

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Most public schools are single-sex, (which in this case only boys) boarding schools. A big proportion from Harrow progress to Oxford university and become professions in for example the government and or industry and become successful.A pupil from harrow named Peter Beckwith, funds two scholarships a year for two boys, to get educated at Harrow School. So far he has paid for many to attend the school.

Which has given them many attributes educational wise, and winning the scholar is an exceptionally unbelievable life changing event.______________________________________________________Task b) Pros:They only pick out boys, that they want & which fits the best. Arguably stronger friendships, because of similarity in interests.They get very independent & and if not more confident. They also enhance their desire and willpower.A very luminously bright future, if they get a scholarship.

Just going to such a school would give you a good look your CV, also known as a curriculum vitae. Also referred to as having experience of the qualifications for a job. Cons:High and rising intuition price. I atleast think it is a tremendously high pricing, but it depends on who really is behind the economy side. Have to be smart and rich, if they don’t have money, then only the exceptional clever people get in.Spare time activities are marginalised.

Which means they don’t have time to socialize and such.Pressure on succeeding. I’t is a fair amount of money you’re paying for the tuition so you do have be the best of yourself, and their parents only want the best of you and keep pushing you forwards.Family and home, can become homesick. People can get very homesick by not feeling too comfortable.

Change can either be good or bad, which is dependant on the person.___________________________________________________________________________Task c)First of all, education is for everyone in some countries, regardless of your race, language or your religion. But the current system is not fair for everyone, everyone except the poor.

I believe that everyone has a special potential. Denmark is a perfect example, which consists of free education from the state that everyone supports. Although i have to go with me thinking its unfair, because private education is better than state schools. Which means everyone does not get the same education. Better schools comes with better teachers. In most cases people in private schools they are more likely to become successful in education.

Which is totally given. Because state schools neglect opportunities for the providing of preparation. For example work experiences, traveling to countries or taking trips to universities, and just advice in general. I believe that there either needs to be available for all human beings, such opportunities should be able to be accessed without a price. It’s always about about their parents ability to pay the tuition fees. Why so? Because families may be stuck in this, economic statement of a place in time.

Which may be forever, but it the chance that a fair school system may give you, it’s a pattern breaker. Family heritage is a bad thing for the working class. All it takes is one person in carry on the torch for the rest.


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