Daily use technology for educational purposes but also

Daily Lives of Teenagers today and 100 years agoNameInstitutionDaily Lives of Teenagers Today and 100 years agoGlobalization is a common phrase in the current societal set-up. The universe is becoming more compact than ever. This explains why several advancements have been of significant impact to the society. These developments entail the changes in the social, political and technological field.

These changes have made it difficult to compare the activities of teenagers today and a hundred years ago. The changes have been significant in the way teenagers behave socially. Youths of today tend to socially behave differently as compared to their colleagues a century ago. Their use of free time is also put into great consideration.Technological development has played a major role in the lives of teenagers today.

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The introduction of electronic devices such as smartphones and television sets has helped in knowledge advancement. These devices can be used to access information through the internet. Education of today has revolutionized in that technology has helped in teaching and learning.

It has replaced the role parents and teachers used to play in the provision of education to their children. Not only do teenagers of today use technology for educational purposes but also for communication. June, (2011) explains that the current tools of teenage communication are features of social network sites (SNS) such as Facebook. It is evident that the main targeted audience for social media is teenagers. Lots of valuable time is however lost by concentrating more on social media rather than engaging in economic activities (Connors, 2011).With increasing advancements in the technological field, the teenagers of today have become major contributors to change in the society. Intensive studies involving in-depth research have proved to be of great benefit to the society.

A century ago, teenagers had no access to a vast source of acquiring information besides their parents and elders; youths of today can get new information on their own so long as they have the devices arising from technology. Traditionally, the quest for knowledge was not hugely embraced which significantly held back need for transformation in the society.The socio-cultural context of a society also defines the kind of environment suitable for a teenage dwelling.

There has occurred a change in the social well being of teenagers. A century ago, youths were divided along gender lines as there were various duties assigned to both girls and boys. The male gender was exempted from carrying out domestic assignments as such were allocated to females. On the other hand, girls were restrained from engaging in activities assigned to boys. Today, teenagers are viewed as equal and are treated with equality. Female teenagers today are able to compete favourably with their male counterparts.There are efforts to transform the society politically.

Politics forms the backbone of every society and economy. Today, there is universal inclusivity of both female and male youths in the political arena. Many countries are stepping up to ensure the youths are represented in the control of affairs of individual countries.

This is contrary to the political situation a hundred years ago. Running of the affairs of society was solely carried out by males. The male teenagers were to be equipped with necessary skills as future successors of leadership.It is evident that there exists a vast difference between the present teenagers and their counterparts a century ago.

They are more knowledgeable and skilful due to increased use of technology as compared to their colleagues a century ago. The world systems of today also embrace gender equality. Equal opportunities are provided to both males and females contrary to a century ago..

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