Daniel taking others’ points of views into account

Daniel Goleman, a famous author and journalist once said, “In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels.” Emotional intelligence is one of many complicated wirings of the human brain. It is defined as the ability to acknowledge the difference between personal feelings and being able to manage them in order to achieve one’s goals.

It is commonly used and practiced in a setting where leaders, having to face a tough decision, must put their gut reaction aside in order to do what is best for the team. The first step in activating this precocity is to learn what emotional intelligence is. Then, find the area that you are the strongest in terms of EI. Finally, think about how conscious you are about putting your feelings aside for another group or cause.In order to develop emotional intelligence, one must first recognize and discriminate the differences between their array of emotions and be able to manage them efficiently.

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It is in embedded into human nature that people usually make decisions based on what they feel about a certain subject. There are five main constructs that are useful for implementing EI into decision-making. The first one is self-awareness.

A person must always be aware of how they feel and how they can decipher the emotions of others. The second one is self-regulation, which is learning how to manage and control one’s own emotions. Then, it is social skills, which is needed to listen to people’s thoughts and opinions in order to come to a consensus within a group. Next, is empathy. Listening is important, but taking others’ points of views into account when making a decision. Finally, motivation to succeed is the most important trait, especially for a leader. EI is a crucial part of effective leadership.

As a leader, I feel that one of my skills relating to EI is better social relations during work performance. During an assigned task, my teammates and I are able to effectively communicate our ideas and suggestion with no fear of being shut down or judged my others. If anyone is shy and unwilling to participate, I am able to bring them into the discussion by talking to them while also allowing them the space they need to step out of their shell. We also assess the options we have and come to a concurrence on what to do and start laying out a plan of execution together. The key is to unite the team not only by getting the mission done, but by having fun with it and the people you are with. Awareness of these types of skills are important because while it builds leadership, it also boosts one’s citizenship qualities. Knowing one’s strengths help them focus on enhancing them and putting more effort into their weaknesses.

When someone has an emotional flaw due to their emotions, they tend to avoid anything having to do with strengthening it because they afraid of making a mistake. However, to grow as a person, they must be enlightened and separate their emotions of fear to overcome, adapt, and gain confidence. When certainty is in place in a person’s mind, they are unstoppable. That person will go one to teach and help others grow as they did, which will create a ripple effect. Studies have shown that people with high levels of emotional intelligence are proven to be more effective leaders, better citizens, and generally more happy with their lives.

While it is not a “traditional” way of viewing knowledge, I believe it is an innovative way of interpreting mental capacity.


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