Data questions from the respondent. The information

Data Gathering Procedure. Before the data accumulation, the researchers solicited the permission to the different persons to convey the study from the following: (1) Mother Sister of the respondent to permit her during the scheduled interview. (2) Mother Sister of the researchers to allow them to meet in the decided time. The researchers asked questions from the questionnaire during the said interview and raise some follow-up questions from the respondent. The information that was gathered during the interview of the respondent serves as the basis in making up the conclusion and recommendations.
Qualitative Data Analysis. In this critical examination and investigation, the processed evidence in detail by way of using the Colaizzi Approach by GhadaAbusosha (2013). The steps is in sequence: (1) After the interview of the respondent the responses are organized in the transcript of the interview (2) the respondents’ important statement will be significant statement will be organized for easy reference in a division in a


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