David much younger. Charles is about 188cm

David OsuProfessor NdehEnglish 1101 1/30/2018 My Best Friend My best friend is called Charles. We live in different places. I live in United State of America and my friend lives in Nigeria. He is twenty-three and I’m twenty-four years old. I often wonder how we have managed to be friends for the past fifteen years.

Yes, we have been best of friends for the past fifteen years when we were both very much younger. Charles is about 188cm tall with an oval shaped face, curly black hair, brown eyes and a perfect pointed nose and an athletic body too. He is from a middle class family-not too rich.

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When he was much younger, he lost his father in a ghastly auto accident which broke his family and it took a while before they could recover from that incidence. Since the death of his father, his mother has had to work so hard to cater for Charles and his siblings which he didn’t let any of those affect him. I still wonder how someone can be that strong. Scholastically, he is an A student.

When we were in high school, he was the best student in the class. Every teacher was always pampering him because of how well he does and takes his academics. Charles is fun loving too. We always go shopping and he helps with a lot of things I can’t handle on my own.Charles loves to listen to my problems, helps me through my toughest time and is always there for me.

A friend like my best friend is difficult to come by. It’s very difficult to find a friend you can confide in and trust not to tell your secrets to other people. He knows me so well and is always telling me I’m horrible at hiding my emotions.

The thing I admire most about Charles is that he likes to look after people and can handle any situation. He has also always dreamt of being an entrepreneur with so much money so that he can help the less privileged especially the orphans. And he always tells me how much he’ll love to travel around the world someday with the woman of his dreams.

For me, having a loyal, amazing and helpful friend is like having a rare kind of diamond and I’m proud to say my best friend is that kind of rare diamond. `


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