DC DC SUPPLY. In this we used

DC POWER SUPPLYA DC power supply is basically a circuit which provides a constant dc voltage to its load.

Its operates at 50 Hz .In power supply we convert AC SUPPLY into DC SUPPLY. In this we used digital variable power supply consist of two independent power supplies. POWER BUTTONThere are two buttons in power supply one for on and another for off.

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THREE TERMINALSAny of the two independent power supply have exactly three terminals i.e. positive, negative and ground.VOLTAGE KNOBThe basic use of this voltage knob is to vary the voltage according to our need or load which we connect.CURRENT KNOBThe basic use of this current knob is to control the current.BUTTON FOR SWITCHING AMP AND VOLTS In power supply there is two buttons for ampere and voltage the basic purpose of these buttons is to limit current and voltage. These buttons are directly connected to power supplies “CURRENT RANGE 0 AMP TO 3 AMP””VOLTAGE RANGE 0 VOLTS TO 30 VOLTS”SETTING LIMIT OF CURRENT CONTROL OF INDEPENDENT POWER SUPPLYFirst we move switch to left to convert the button into voltage button then we short both the positive and negative terminal then move to maximum current knob of voltage on the clock wise direction then move switch to right to convert into current button and then set the li,it of current you want SETTING LIMIT OF VOLTAGE CONTROL From the above example if once I set the limit of the current and the some load is connected to the positive and negative terminal of the power supply.

First switch move toward right to convert into voltage. If we increase the knob of the voltage such that if increase it to the maximum voltage then the load gives the current of 0.46amp we give it from above example. If load want more current but the power supply gives that current which you set first.FIXED FIVE VOLTSThe two terminals positive and negative which will give you exactly 5 volts and no knob cant vary for it.A UTOMATIC TRACKING MODEThe front display channel 1 and channel 2 shows the output voltage and current.

When we operates in the tracking mode the power supply will connect in the auto-tracking mode .INDEPENDENT/TRACKING SERIED/TRACKING PARALLELThe three output modes of series, independent, tracking series, and tracking parallel can be selected through pressing the TRACKING key on the front panel. In the independent mode, the output voltage and current of each channel are controlled separately. The isolation degree, from output terminal to chassis or from output terminal to output terminal, is 300 volts .

In the tracking modes both the Channel 1 and Channel 2 outputs are automatically connected in series or parallel no need to connect output leads. In the series mode, the output voltage is doubled in the parallel mode, the output current is doubled


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