Dead system in early 1900s. The film was

Dead Poets’ Society Dead Poets’ Society is an award-winning film, based on the education system in early 1900s.The film was made {on June.

2.} in 1998 at St. Andrews boarding school in middle town, Delaware in USA.

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It is a drama film directed by Peter weir. Dead Poets’ Society it set almost at Welton, which is a preparatory boarding school. The point of view of the film is limited third person. The narrator focuses more on some characters than on others. Therefore, the perspective is limited. The narrator lest the viewers decide which character is carrying the correct idea. As he presents both the opposite ideas equally, we can say the narrator is impartial.

A new English teacher was introduced to the students {at all-boys school}. The school is known for its ancient traditions and high standards, while the teacher approaches the students with unconventional methods. Mr. Keating encourages his students to look at poetry at a different angle with a faithful knowledge and feelings. The students face huge pressure, like from their parents and the school. For example: they are not allowed to take the career they want or to draw their personal meaning. With Mr. Keating’s help students like Neil, Todd and Knox mature, open their minds, follow their dreams and seize their day.

Mr. Keating is a charismatic and rebellious teacher. He is a brave man who wants to change the believes and the ideas of his students. The first day at school Mr.

Keating orders his students to rip out a page of the poetry curriculum book, for the reason of he does not like how it instructs the students to think about poetry. It defines poetry as mathematical shapes. Furthermore, Mr. Keating wants his students to think themselves. The other important point that Mr. Keating does his first day in class is: he persuades the students to walk out from the class and see a picture of an old graduates, reminding them that life is too short, and one should live to the fullest. Mr. Keating uses his outstanding phrase of the film “Carpe Diem” which means seize the day, in a way of urging students to open their eyes and explore the world for their own perceptions.

He helps Neil to follow his heart and argue against his father. He helps Todd to become more confident, while encouraging him to write his own poem and read in front of the students by using his barbaric yawning. When Neil dies and every member of “Dead Poets’ Society” is forced to sing a paper indicating that Mr. Keating’s unconventional way of teaching led the death of Neil, in that issue the head of Welton fires Mr. Keating. On the way of his abandoning from Welton, he passes by his class and all the students stands on the tables cheering “O Captain, my captain” he feels that his operation ended successful.Another significant character is Neil Perry. Neil is a popular, visionary student at Welton, and one of Keating’s most loyal followers.

He is idealistic young boy who wants to be an actor, while his father wants him to be a medical doctor. He cannot follow his passion because he is afraid from his father and he is between the devil and the deep blue sea. After he is inspired by Mr. Keating, he begins to fight his dreams and plays the Shakespeare play at the theatre. When his father founds out he forbids him attending Welton and informs him that he would be sent to a military school.

Neil feels trapped and sees any other door which gives him a way out, he decides to finish his journey and gets the gun of his father from the cupboard, he shots himself in the middle of the night. At the opening ceremony the principal lights a candle which symbolizes the light of knowledge. The birds flying over some scenes in the film shows a sing of freedom. The crown of thorns that Neil puts on his head symbolizes a sacrifice to himself to the freedom and art. The Dead Poets’ Society is a wonderful film which we can learn from how our decisions affect the future generations. I think sameness is not improvement as everybody will have the same quality. Therefore, it is better to allow young children to implement new ideas and decide their own future.

In my conclusion I would recommend every parent to watch this movie, as the film enlightens the gap between the generations.


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