Dealing a stage. This will then be reported

Dealing with disagreements between children it’s very challenging as children in this age are very sensitive and they can being crying even for small things.

In setting as a TA we must diffuse any disagreements between children. The majority of these disagreements take place in the playground over toys. The best way to deal with this situation is to be calm and speak to each of them in order to explain what happened. Doing this we transmit to them serenity and confidence as well show them that we do not take sides. There are often fallouts in the playground over who had a certain toy first, as a TA I would say that the child who had it first could have it for 5 more minutes, and then it would be the other child’s turn.

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In my setting if a child does not do as they are told they will get a warning and if they continue misbehaving they will get a verbal warning, if he still misbehave then they will be put on a stage. This will then be reported to the parents at the end of the day. If dealing with a disagreement between myself and other adults I would try to diffuse the situation by remaining calm seeking advice from a member of staff and I would also speak to the head of the school to find of what the complaints and grievance procedures are for that school.

You would not necessarily need to use the procedures but it would be useful to know for future reference. When dealing with disagreements with adults you need to have a different strategy. As this age group is strong willed, most of them have their strong views and ideas and of course they have a personality by themselves. You should encourage them to discuss over these disagreements and to come to a mutual solution.

The adults have to listen to each other and learning to accept as well as respect other views. At the end they will realize by themselves what is wrong and what is right.


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