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Dear Professor,The topic I would like to focus on for my Critical Thinking Portfolio is the Use, Misuse and Abuse of Opioids. After our class discussion last week, I made some changes, so it is more precise and specific about the topic.I’m very interested in this topic because other than it was all over the news. Opioids crisis is still prevalence up to this day as more people getting more addictive or dependent using them.

I am also surprised how you can get this medication easily.Opioids are a class of powerful prescription drugs like hydromorphone, fentanyl, and oxycontin, medically to be used to relieve pain. Depending on what the doctor will prescribe you, opioid can be taken orally or injected. It can also be used to control coughs, control diarrhea and used for the treatment of addiction to other opioids. When used properly, they can help but when it is misused it can be fatal like drug overdosed. Apparently, Canadians are the world’s second largest per capita consumer of prescription opioids after Americans.

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The misuse of opioids can lead to serious health consequences. In fact, according to what I heard on a news broadcast, the widespread use of prescription opioids is behind the rise of a new class of drug users because it can make you feel high. Eventually, the people who are abusing the highly addictive pills will become dependent on them and they will have difficulties to break their habit because their body requires stronger and stronger doses. Abusing the use of this drugs can lead to death. My biggest challenge will be gathering the accurate data and being a critical thinker because this is my first time to write a portfolio.

This is my current proposal for the Critical Thinking Portfolio. I look forward to any feedback you can give me.Thank you.Jeana Marie Pasche


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