Dear all of the debts in which we

Dear Your Majesty,I am Duke Ellsworth of Boston, Massachusetts. As a gunsmith in the new world I have always been a big supporter of Mother England and I have forever been loyal to the crown. There have been a lot of things going on since the war and I have began to see more and more colonist get madder and madder.

I understand all of the debts in which we have occured and I feel as though we can endure a few sacrifices and taxes to pay back the crown. I support you in whatever you think is the best way for us to do that. For you have guided us through many hardships and faithfully have brought us to the other side without hurt, harm , or danger. On behalf of all of my colonists friends I would like to apologize for the way they behaved and it is intolerable, I see why you started the intolerable acts. I heard alot about this Boston Tea Party.

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I just do not understand why everybody is mad at you king, it just doesn’t make sense. All of the colonist have been reading this pamphlet by this fellow named Thomas Paine. The pamphlet is titled Common Sense. Paine uses this pamphlet and his creative writing skills to get everyone all wound up. If you asked me he is the reason over 300 cases of tea was thrown in the boston harbor.

Thomas and Samuel Adams, (hey that would be a good name for a beer) are a problem, they are traitor and should be sentenced. Samuel adams started this group called the Sons of Anarchy and they have been the ones causing so many problems. They got together and dressed up as native americans boarded the ships and ruined perfectly good tea. What they called this “Boston Tea Party”, was a protest to show you that they will not stand to all of these newfound taxes and laws. I look at what they did as a terrorist attack and they are all benedict arnold’s. They have this weird chant they say,” No taxation without Representation”. Does that even make sense to you? In closing, King I know that you are very busy busy but I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how absurd things were in the new world.

The Intolerable Acts were a sensible response to a criminal act by several of my fellow colonists. i’m embarrassed that my fellow voters would merely waste tea in such associate conspicuous fashion. they have to procure what they need done and sure would ne’er be impressed to try and do thus if Britain doesn’t show some force. Closing down the city’s port and also the native general assembly set associate example for different colonies if they like better to act thus apprehensively. The individuals of Boston can haven’t any selection however to form things right by paying for the resources they destroyed. Then, and solely then, ought to the port be reopened and troops captive from at intervals the town. King George, I applaud parliament’s arrange to get the money back.


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