Death, the book—— The burning of the

Death, anarchy, and chaos all because of the absence of one word. Respect. Humanity has the capability to function without respect however it would dangerous, ugly and short lived. Time and time again we have seen how respect has disappeared from the face of the earth but still manages to function without it.

The lack of respect towards ————- between religions, races, nature, and government.Time and time again we have seen how society still manages to function without respect such as In Iraq Muslims didn’t have respect each other for following different subdivisions of Islam however the country still continued to survive even if it was just by the skin of its teeth. Also when Adolf Hitler was in charge completely disrespect his country, Jews, —– but yet the country continued to run a tight ship even though pain was inflicted n the innocent.

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Nature and Animals –  Interestingly, before the human population got so large, and human wealth grew seemingly without limit, and human energy needs became so great, Homo sapiens basically got away with their disrespect for Nature. I can’t help but think that if humans had been taught a few really painful lessons along the way, maybe they would have thought twice about fucking with the natural worldBooks and  knowledge  Respect isn’t something that’s given to us it’s something that’s taught over time  However if  it’s not a concept that’s introduced to the society then nobody would know what it is. Similar to —In the book—— The burning of the books by the firemen was used a way to symbolize how people used to disrespect the importance of knowledge during the Holocaust (1933). Relating to today’s society, in the book people are so distracted by technology advancements which leads them to get brainwashed. However because the technology provides an environment that people don’t need to think much and have everything done for them they gradually began to disregard the knowledge they’re being deprived of.  wanted most so they got so caught up in that they—— -Was burned books during 1933 because it was written by Jews. In the bok even after the society Guy Montag lived in was destroyed humankind was still continued because  They government did not respect people’s right to read and extended their knowledge therefore thy burned all the books and brainwashed them with technology to make them believe they don’t need knowledge and—-Also talk about the lack of respect that was shown to in Boy ISFJ/ OMANDMCurrently ( Islam) -Respect, it’s such a simple gesture however the individual who chooses to be respectful to themselves and others gains much more in return however if there is no respect than there would be —— “When young people feel they aren’t respected by law enforcement, by teachers, by others, they respond in kind,” he says.

Conclusion – Throughout all of this that happened society has been able to make through all that even if it was just by the skin of its teeth In result I believe that society is able to survive in a world without disrespect because most of our history is really just based off of people not being able to respect each other. Even if it’s just for a few minutes in terms Society can survive without respect. Because chaos anarchy and destruction is a type of function of society  Because of lack of respect to my personal religions and beliefs I was forced to flee my hometown to escape religious persecution.For something to be considered functional it has to work or operate a certain way. It doesn’t have to function The world that we live in won’t stop function merely because of the lack of respect.

The society might be short lived however


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