Death Sentence Should It be Legal? Courts should

Death Sentence Should It be Legal? Courts should be able to sentence people to death for certain crimes. Many people believe the taking of someone’s life is too far. They say jail for like will make them learn their lesson.

But they are wrong it is not too far. Let me tell you why. Some people believe that it is unreasonable to kill the murderer. What happens if you release the murderer and he goes and kills more people like the police that arrested him or just random people he hates. How are you supposed to stop that. By killing the murderer. The victims family will feel better that the person who killed their loved on is dead and has been punished for his crimes. Some people believe jail is better choice so the murderer will learn his/her lesson.

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But as of 2017 there are over 747 people on California’s death row, those 474 people combined have killed more than 1500+ people. People with murder counts 10+. With and average of 2 murders per person do you really want these people roaming the streets after they serve they’re sentence in jail? Some people believe that if we give them a life sentence in jail then they won’t kill any more people.

This is unreasonable because the government has to pay for their food for the rest of their live and they get a free living space. They would basically get to live with all the care they need for free. Take Mcveigh for example he was an American domestic terrorist he killed 168 people in a bombing. Do you think he should get free living and food? In conclusion, next time you see on the new someone was sentenced to death don’t feel sorry for them feel sorry for the innocent people they killed and the families of those victims. Currently death row has been told to not carry out any death sentences because people are concerned that killing people is not the right thing to do .

But as I have stated for some cases death is the only option.


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