Deliberately discoveries and can often lead to enlightening

Deliberately planned journeys can deliver unexpected discovery or discoveries and can often lead to enlightening experiances.In ‘Away’ the sudden death of the character Coral’s son has caused an emotional breakdown because she finds it hard to believe her son’s death that occurred in the Vietnamese war. Moreover as a result of her son’s loss it has led Coral into being socially awkward and she tends to struggle to find a connection with anyone or anything this is portrayed in the line”can’t think of anything to say” (Act 2, Scene 2)

But this changes once she finds the strength to overcome her grief towards her son’s death with the help of the character in the play Tom.Coral’s change and the reasoning behind her self discovery was due to Tom’s character accepting the truth of his own illness that he was experiencing.In the play Stranger on the Shore which is a play within a play,Coral’s character plays as a maiden who falls in love with a ghostly sailor and is transformed into a mermaid. She pursues him, but her attempts are futile. She is lonely and sad. He is granted a wish and he returns her to human form. This play within the play is used to represent Coral’s detachment from the reality of the world,she says, “I’m

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