Demand client demands and purchasing power in the

Demand Management –another useful stage in the planning process of Nestle is developing the demand management mechanism for dealing with the fluctuations commendably. Some of the well-known benefits of identified functions as part of the specific planning are a reduction of cost associated with the business process, improvement of services, advanced utilisation of company’s resources and capacities, and ultimately contributing to the increase of profits. The planning process is majorly developed by transferring the demands of the customers from more condensed stages to more relaxed phases (Vachani and Post 2012). The company comprehensively does the identified practice thorough creating the alternative products, providing discounts, or offering new outputs to the customers.

One of the most compelling examples of the individual approach is cutting the price of an individual food product of the company to increase the client demands and purchasing power in the summertime. Thus, the stored products of the company can be sold to the identified market consumers successfully.From the overall information, it can be proposed that the selection of appropriate planning and control process influences the achievement of short or long-term goals requires the company analyse and determine the consequences of the activities.

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