Democracy unstable democracy, political leaders may be corrupt

Democracy allows full freedom for the general public to express their thoughts and have a voice in legislation. In a dictatorship, people are bound to follow the rules and laws decided and defined by the dictator.Some attributes of democracy are rule of law, freedom of judiciary and press and human rights, but in an unstable, democracy these may be weak and can lead to slow economic growth. The decision-making process can be much slower that hampers the development of the nation.

In a fragile and unstable democracy, political leaders may be corrupt and mean.Democracy rule by the many means the government in which the people hold the power either directly or through elected representatives. It means that people are allowed to choose their representatives for running the government.

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This promotes change, for example, New Zealand is a democracy as we get to vote for who we believe will be the best leader to represent New Zealand. These elected members make laws and run the government according to the wishes of their people.There are always going to be advantages and disadvantages of any government here are some advantages and disadvantages:An advantage is It gives voice to the citizens of the country in legislation and develops a sense of responsibility among them. People elect the members of government themselves in a democratic government so it gives the freedom of thought and speech. democracy is a system which gives power to each and every citizen to actively participate in the government of the country. The importance of democracy lies in the fact, that currently there are 123 democratic nations in a world of 192 countries. Democracy has its set of disadvantages as well.

One of the biggest disadvantages is the rule of ignorance. People who are not educated about the people running for a place in the Government might make wrong decisions or vote for someone famous that they have seen on TV before these ill-informed people are likely to make the wrong decision casting of votes and this can lead to the wrong choice of government leaders and therefore policy. A dictatorship is a state ruled by a dictator, In a dictatorship, power is often gained by force (for example Fiji) or inherited, (for example, North Korea) or by popular vote that is never relinquished (for example Zimbabwe) Dictators have absolute control over the lives of their citizens and usually, people are not allowed to voice their negative opinions. An example of a Dictator is North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is considered a dictator.

Some Laws that Kim Jong-un has applied to North Korea is that men and women have only a few selections for haircuts This North Korea restriction was brought in on 2013, another law is there only allowed to watch 3 certain TV channels and citizens have to sit through them because they have no choice. Everything that goes on the channel is controlled by the government. Some advantages and Disadvantages are:An advantage is that a strong and stable dictatorship can prove to be better than a weak democracy. If the dictator is efficient and works for the advancement of the nation they can make quick decisions and enforce discipline for the progress of the nation. A disadvantage is that a dictatorship encourages and spreads war, aggression, hatred etc.

The 2nd World War was the result of a dictatorship. In conclusion, There is no guarantee that justice would be served in any form of government. The success of any form of government is based on the selection of ruler or political leaders selected by elections. Personally, I value the dignity of the individual, equality, and justice. I believe democracy is better than any other alternatives


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