population in the United States

Demographic environment: population in the United States grows at a rate of around 10% per annum while the Union Pacific serves around 12% of the population of the United States. A growth in population ensures that the company will have more people to serve and hence this growth is highly welcomed.Technological: Union Pacific is currently up to date with all the latest gadgets that can help make its job more efficient for example Computer-aided dispatchers. Using the most recent technology ensures that the company can perform its tasks flawlessly and also keep up to date with client preferences and also come up with more innovative ideas that help to promote customer service.Political: Union Pacific is situated in a very stable country politically, and hence it does not face any challenges in the 23 states that it operates in. Anarchy is very detrimental to the company as people might opt for vandalism and crime and thus affect the company negatively.Legal: Union Pacific has to ensure that it conforms to the policies and regulation set down by The Federal Railroad Administration and United Transportation Union.


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