DEPARTMENT slow and I was especially bored, the

DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISHSEMESTER 1NAME: RIDA ZAINABSECTION: EF18AREGISTRATION #: L1F18BSEN0011The chauffeur looked at his carefree face in the back view mirror andand cleared his throat to draw his boss’ attention but he kept on looking out of the window. “Sir!”, He still did not respond.”Sir!”, he looked at the chauffeurs face in the back view mirror.

“The road turning left leads to your office””Turn right Manny””As you say Sir”He turned right. the chauffeur had never seen his boss this much peaceful. His face was peaceful and tranquil.

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He was lost somewhere in his thoughts.”Sir, where are we going?””Just drive”He leaned his head on the back of seat and closed his eyes. ___Every Sunday mother used to visit the Chinese herbalist just around the corner for her allergies. She would always take me along. Sometimes the appointment lasted for what seemed like hours. I Would sit in the front room, listening to the herbalist’s wife calculate bills on her abacus.

One Sunday, when the business was specially slow and I was especially bored, the herbalist’s wife asked, “So little friend, what do you plan to become when you grow up?””Well…I.

..I want to be a transformer!””Trans-fo-ma?””Yeah! a robot in disguise! like this one!” He showed the old lady a robot, “He changes into a truck”, He altered it to change it in a truck, ” See?More than meets the eye”He excitedly told everything.”In the cartoon, he’s also got a trailer that magically appears whenever he transforms, but on the toy it’s a separate piece.””So you want to be a..

.a… trans-fo-ma, huh?” “Yeah…but my mother says that,s silly. Little boys don,t grow up to be transformers.””Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I’m going to let you in on the secret, little friend: It’s easy to become anything you wish. long you’re willing to forfeit your soul.”___After an hour, he told the chauffeur to turn to East Bay Area.

The chauffeur knew he had no meeting at the bay area but without further probing, he turned the car towards the East Bay Area. He stopped the car at a rather distance place from the main beach. he opened the door himself and started walking barefoot on the grainy sand.

it was quiet everywhere. he took deep breaths and felt the warmth of the air blowing on his face.


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