Deployment physical infrastruc- ture in order to reduce

Deploymentof network slicing enables the operationof multiple logical networks over a single physical infrastruc-ture in order to reduce total cost, decrease energy consump- tion, and simplify network functionsin comparison to one network for differentuse-cases/business scenarios. In a slice- based network, each slice should be provided with its own specific characteristics and will be considered as a single logical network. In this way, the infrastructure utilization and resource allocation will be much more energy and cost efficient in comparison to traditional network.Implementation of network slicing over 5G communi-cation system arises many technical challenges, which are expected to be solved.

There are also some business and economic  issues  (e.g.  total  cost,  revenue,  etc.)  that  need for  significant optimization  and  re-designing  in  order  to cope  with  new  network  architecture. On  the  other  hand, the  demand  for  broadband multimedia services  has  been increasing explosively, with this ongoing trend, the revenue of  mobile  network  operators  will  soon  be  exceeded byCapital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operating Expenditure (OPEX) required to  operate  the  infrastructure. Therefore, total cost, expected revenue, and resourceallocation in the context of networkslicing are seemed to be very interestingresearch topics, which need for further discovery.

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In this paper, we provide a comprehensive discussion on conceptand system architecture of network slicing withparticular focus on its business aspect and profit modeling. We throughly discuss two differentdimensions of profit modeling i.e.

own-sliceimplementation and resource leasingfor  outsourced  slices.  We further address challenges  and open research directions in order to add new contributionsand provide realistic solutions to existing problems in the field of network slicing implementation of 5G system. Thereminder of this paper is structured as of following: Sec. IIreviews state-of-the art in the field of network slicing.

In  Sec. III, we discuss  concept and  system  architecture of network slicingfor 5G mobile communication system. Sec.  IV  presents  business  aspect  and  two dimensions of profit modeling. Following that, we provide future research directions in Sec. V.

Finally, a summary of thiswork is given in Sec. VI.


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