Depressing listeners mind they heard the song

Depressing sad and gloomy emotions fill the listeners mind they heard the song I was only 19. This is a protest song by Redgum who wrote this in March 19, 1983 the song describes a physical and mental journey of a 19-year-old boy who is forced to witness the horror of the Vietnam war. The songs also depicts the history of the Australian nation, protests against war and feelings of soldiers and veterans. I was only 19 has 36 lyrics but no chorus but there is one point in the song where it has the same tone is reoccurring. It has a very good rhyme scheme with every second verse rhyming with the first one.

The text structure has various stylistic devices used in I was only 19. The song reinforced the fact that young boys had to go to war. The song uses rhetorical questions such as “And can you tell me doctor why I can’t go to sleep”.

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This language device is used to show that soldiers are in depression because no one can answer their questions.The song I was only 19 Includes a large variety of colloquial language such as “VB” “Drinking tinnies,”” till the morphine came and killed the bloody row”. All these examples were included to allow the reader to feel a tighter with the relation with the writer. There are several examples of repetition where he says, “And doctor can you tell me why I can’t go to sleep”.

And finally, he also uses imagery such as “Asian orange sunset through the scrub”. This shows that he wants to connect with the listener and imagine what that would look like.Finally, the song has a lot of musical components. First It is a very loud song expressing itself and making you feel a lot more immersed in the song.Second The voice of the song writer is very Australian but is very relatable.Third It is a very slow song, but it gives you time to process all the information.Fourth The person has a very low voice and a lot of bass which gives a very big impact on the listener.Fifth It has a bass guitar at the start and about a minute in drums start playing.

Finally, the mood the is created is sadness for the soldiers that are being forced to sere for their country. I think that I was only nineteen is a very powerful song because.1st It has a very immersive text structure. 2nd It has very long list of language features.

3rd It has a good variety of music features. Overall I personally know this is a great song and it has a powerful effect on me.


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