Describe and symbols to help people to

Describe communication and language needs and preferences of individuals.Each individual will have a range of needs and preferences that they may use to communicate.

Speech and language servicesMakatonObjects of reference Picture exchange communication system Interpreting and translation services Advocacy services Aids, adaptations and augmentative approaches Speech and language service:Makaton:Makaton is a language that uses signs and symbols to help people to communicate meaningfully and effectively. It supports the use of gestures and pictures to help develop the use of spoken language. Using the combination of signs, symbols and speech it helps to ensure individuals can share and communicate their feelings and thoughts. It also helps individuals to be enabled to take part in choices over activities. For example individuals in residential care homes can communicate chosen activities such as whether they would like to swim, horse ride or walk.

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Makaton can help to support inclusive practice. Objects of references:Objects of references are another means of communication using objects that represents something. They can be used to communicate objects or activities.

The objects can be a miniature version of the item for example a small computer mouse for a computer activity or a different object that has a meaning linked with what is being communicated such as a shoe for going for a walk. The object should be tactile so that individuals with sensory difficulties can use this method.Pictures exchange communication system:This is a non-verbal communication system that uses symbols and pictures to aid communication. The individual using the system will carry the pictures they use and approach another person, giving them a picture of what they would like or need, such as a picture of a drink of squash. The individual initiates the conservation with the person honouring the request. This system can be developed further and thoughts and feelings can be communicated.

Each individual may communicate in a different way. As part of person centred planning it is important to ensure that the communication method meets their specific individual need to ensure that they are fully involved and able to communicate their needs and preference. Interpreting and translation services:An individual who speaks a different language may use an interpreter. This can be face to face or over the phone. Some may also use online services. The interpreter will facilities discussions to ensure the individual who speaks a different language can be fully involved, understand completely what is being said to them, and is able to get across their own meaning. Translation services are very similar to those provided by interpreters.

Translators tend to focus on converting written material into a different language. For example an individual may need a care plan or referral form translated. Advocacy services:An advocate is someone who is normally not a friend or family member and will be independent.

Their role, according to the NHS is to help people who are vulnerable in society and need assistance to access information be involved in decision explore choice define and promote their rights and responsibilities and speak out about issues. Aids, adaptations and augmentative approaches:


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