Describe and malnourishment. Insufficient diet leads to obesity

Describe in details about the program and services: Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen brings healthy meals which are served to people with a diverse distress for families, homeless and the seniors.

Many of their guests are low-income people who are in need of food. They avoid hunger and malnourishment. Insufficient diet leads to obesity and increase threat of heart sickness and diabetes. Expectant women can have life threatening issues because of undernourishment. In the past year Loaves & Fishes have:·          Increased their number of meals by ninety three percent ·          Reduced their cost of meal by thirty seven percent·          Reached twenty more children.Loaves & Fishes majorly aids people who earn less than $20,000per annum.  Many people have to take multiple jobs. They also need to live in shared apartment’s .

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So they don’t have time to cook and buy groceries. Describe in details how the program or services meet the needs of families and children:Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen help serve hot and healthy meals on week days through Bay Area.  Many guests come to Hot Meals at their community dining rooms.  Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen is also partner with 25 other nonprofits organizations. Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen trusts allow agencies to emphasis on their main services while sharing the slight resources accessible in Santa Clara. Healthy food allows children to concentrate better during school.Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen Hot Meals program offers more than 7,000 healthy free meals.

They serve meals every week in churches, community centers, nonprofit agencies and senior residences. They wisely plan their meals to meet both the preferences of their visitors and the nutritional needs. This is one of the soup kitchens who use fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy protein, rather than canned or processed foods.

A distinctive meal contains of soup, salad, fresh fruit, bread, baked chicken, rice, dessert, and coffee, milk, and juice. 


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