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Describe the Roles of Different Agencies Involved in Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young PeopleThere are different agencies making sure the welfare of children and young people are protected. Some of the agencies include Social Services, the police, health services, legal and criminal services, education services, voluntary services among others.The roles these agencies played are important to see to the welfare and safeguard of the child.Social servicesThe social service is there to provide services to the children and their families. Some families may be struggling with drugs or in prison and the children of such people are taken care of by the social services such as Social Workers, Youth workers and Child right organizations.

They are involved in situations of abuse or harm with children, they have power to investigate in cases of abuse or harm, meet and conduct interview, get relevant information from other agencies such as schools or hospitals, they offer support to children and if needed the family. They take lead in child protection conferences as well as action incase a child is in danger.PoliceThe police have power to investigate, interview and arrest anyone who is found guilty of a crime against a child or children. They also decide if a crime has been committed and the appropriate punishment given to the culprit. They have the emergency powers to enter a premise to protect children who are believed to be in danger of harm. The CPIU usually does the investigation and informs the Social Service. Health servicesThe Health services carry out observations, medical examination or investigation of any child or children who seems to be at risk of abuse or has been abused.

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They have the role to care for such children and refer them to social services. Identify children at risk of significant harm by being alert to parent’s attitudes and behaviours during pregnancy and early parenthood which give rise for concern. The health services include School nurses, doctors, local clinics and hospitals.Child Protection Investigative UnitThis unit falls under the police service. They have the power to investigate and arrest anyone suspected to be abusing a child or children.

Through the investigation they decide whether a crime has been committed and then starts with criminal investigations. They gather evidence from social services and other agencies that are in direct contact with the child in question. The CPIU must take immediate steps in case they suspect a child may be very close to danger. They must remove the child from the danger or take the suspect from the child immediately.Education servicesSchools and colleges have pastoral responsibility are to make sure the children’s welfare is safeguarded and their safety preserved. The school is supposed to have their own policies and procedure for safeguarding the child aside the Acts and legislations of the nation. This laid down policy should spell out how children are made aware of risks, how they can recognize risk and skills to cope in case of any risk. Teachers and other staffs in the school should be able to identify children suffering from significant harm.

They should refer any concerns to the child protection setting in the school for appropriate action to be taken if the need arises and assist social services by referring concern and providing information which will contribute to child protection investigation. Their work involves close observation of pupils in the classroom, and this can frequently trigger concerns about health or welfare.Voluntary servicesA wide range of voluntary organizations and groups may be involved in safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. Some of these include NSPCC, Childline, Kidscape, scout/cub and guide/brownie leaders, sports coaches, among others.NSPCC stands for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

It has “the duty to ensure an appropriate and speedy response in all cases where children are alleged to be at risk of abuse or neglect in any form”. NSPCC identify and prevent cruelty against children. It contributes to multi-agency training and multi-disciplinary training. It has the authority to initiate proceedings to protect children under the terms of children Acts 1989. Information can be passed secretly to them and they refer the information to the social service.

NSPCC has the power to act when children are in significant harm and provide support to families and children. They have helpline which is used to raise awareness of abuse, bullying and other concerns. E-Safety CouncilThey set up guidelines for the safe use the internet and other technology’s in order to protect children from harm.


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