DESCRIBING essay describes the training and development

DESCRIBING THE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PROCESS’It is very important that employees are equipped with the right kind of skills, knowledge and abilities to perform their assigned duties. Therefore training and development plays a very crucial role upon the growth and succeed of an organisation. This essay describes the training and development process in order to develop a new plan for the new recruit’ (https://www.ripublication.

com/ijmibs-spl/ijmibsv4n2spl13pdf).’However the word training and development are used interchangeably in Human Resource Management but the two are different in that training mostly is closely focused and adapted short-term performance concerns while development tend to be adapted more towards increasing or expanding the personal skills for future responsibilities not only that but also training has specifically been defined as a process in which employees learn to do a certain kind of job within an organisation and it is important to train employees because it strengthens the competence when employees discharge their duties. To the other side development has been defined as a process in which employees become more knowledgeable and improve their performance in that way the organisation is able to produce and provide good quality goods and services for its valued customers’ (Beadwel, J. & Thompson, A. 2014: 220). ‘In order to come up with proper plan for the employment of the new employees the process of training and development has to be a preamble. On the training process will undergo through various stages of which some of them is pre-service training in which formal introductory instructions are given to a person once being picked for a certain job, this is useful in the fact that the person has no knowledge about the objectives of that particular organisation.

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In this stage it is important to identify the training needs of which in most cases is done by analysing the goals between the current work performance and the desired stand of work’ (Wilton, N. 2011:257).’Mentoring also has to be looked into when dealing with training and development process. In simple explanation mentoring is all about the ongoing relationship which is between the junior and the senior employee. The new recruited workers must be fully being supervised by their seniors this will help the juniors to catch up quickly on the goals and the objectives of their organisation. Mentoring also plays as one of the ways of shaping the juniors into the executives of the future for that particular organisation.

Mentoring is useful in the sense that the organisation will be able to produce highly quality service as such the organisation’s objectives will be achieved’ (Loosemore, Dainty and lingard 2002:260).’In order to design and evaluate effective training and development, the system of formal planning has to be followed. The first thing is that training needs an aim and the objective, this is where there is training and development strategies, policies, practices and activities these can bridge the gap between where the organisation is now and where it needs to be in order to achieve its strategic plan.

It is very important that training and development has to be conducted where there is a gap between the future requirements of the job and the current capabilities’ (Beardwell, J. ; Thompson, A. 2014:234). In this, a very good example is that of the Malawi Police Service in which do recruits the new officers upon seen that the crime rate will be high in the near future so to overcome that problem is when recruitment is done.’Having identified the necessary skills required to meet the organisation’s needs in both the present and the future and also after people have been motivated to train, there is also a need of timescale for the development of these skills. This involves the creation of training schedule in which it will includes individual training programmes for delivery and conducting an assessment as to when the benefits of the training are likely to be observable. Timescale is very useful in the way that the organisation may spent a lot of money in trying to train and develop its employees but no any improvement may take place, so an organisation has to know on whether is making progress or not'(Loosemore, Dainty and Lingad, 2002:261).In conclusion training and development are the best tools that can help in the improvement of organisational effectiveness mostly where there is high competition of markets not only that but also do help in the optimising the development of human resource that help the employee to achieve the individual as well as the organisational goals.

However training and development process it cost a lot for the organisation in the way that repetition is mostly done during training. REFERENCESBeardwell, J. & Thompson, A. (2014) Human Resource Management, Contemporary Approach, 7th Ed, UK: Pearson Press ltdLoosemore, Dainty and Lingard (2002) Human Resource in construction projects and operational approach, New York: USA, Spon PressWilton, N.

(2011) An Introduction to Human Resource Management, London: UK, SAGE publication ltd


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