Description our sofa, eating whatever I fancied, then,

Description1/2In that moment it wasclear to me that everything has changed. Like a collision if atoms right beforeyour very eyes. It was the moment I knew. 12/12/12.

I turned 10today. Dozens of guest surround this four-cornered building I call home. Youcould barely see the picture frames and ornaments around you. The air had a strongclaustrophobic undertone to it, ready to punch you in the gut.  My mom prepared a lot offood. You would also expect the classic meals prepared for a kid’s birthday party.You have your spaghetti, pancit, lumpia, lechon, a sweet’s corner, birthdaycake, chiffon cake, any meat dish, and the oh-so classic hotdog withmarshmallows on a stick erected on half a cabbage or a wrapped-up banana treetrunk. Food was lined up on the far side of the garage just facing our gate andnot too far away from the living room.

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 Some of my guests Ididn’t knew. Some I knew personally, especially my family. Some of the guestswere eating outside on the tables and seated with whoever they came with andsome preferred to eat inside to avoid the semi-frigid December winds.  Before I knew it everyonewas gathering right before me like wildfire. I was astonished by the amalgamateof faces right before me I instantly became shy and blushed rosy red cheeks.

Then a chorus came alive, singing “Happy Birthday” in the slowestrendition possible. Nonetheless, I appreciated it with all my heart. As everyone stoppedsinging a heavy silence and anticipation fell upon the room. And especially onme. I’m sitting pretty on our sofa, eating whatever I fancied, then, all of asudden, a gaggle of people gather in front of you.  I was sitting there inthe silence.

My heart palpitating, my blood rushing. Basically every bodilyfunction was going haywire. My moms then walks towards me, parting the sea ofpeople.  “So what do you haveto say Pierce?” she asks oh soo sincerely.

 Then the lights went out. Dark. Cold. Empty. Right then and there, Istarted to cry.  Horrified looks fromeveryone in the room, but I’m only looking at my mom. “Why are you cryingsweetheart?” my mom asked.

 To be honest, I don’tknow why. There are approximately 1,013,900 words in the english language andnot one of them could explain why I cried.  I think its because I’mlosing ground. Ate a young age of 10 you’d think that its impossible to have anexistential crisis. Well think again ’cause it happened.  Right then and there, Ithought of the horrors of growing up.

No more piggybacks from my dad. No morebedtime stories from my mom. No more trips to the zoo. No more happy times. Then lightning camecrashing down.  The storm brewed hard. But then came light.

 “You know we’llalways be there for you sweetheart. No matter what may happen you will alwaysbe my one and only.” _______________ “Ah, what awonderful day it has been! I can’t wait for tomorrow to happen!” I say to myself as Isteadily shut my eyes to sleep with the biggest smile on my face.


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