Description handle, and a spout for water

Description of a Bona Vita kettle Introduction.General DescriptionAccording to Collins English dictionary “a kettle is a covered container that you use for boiling water. It has a handle, and a spout for water to come out of”.The bona vita kettle is an important utensil in the kitchen used for boiling or cooking food items.This kettle enable everyone household to cook faster and efficiently. The kettle is composed of six main parts namely : the base which supports the entire kettle, the handle, the vessel ,the spout, the lid and the cord . These parts are attach to each other like a puzzle.

The lid is attach to the vessel which can be removed and positioned back as desired.The spout is attached paermanently to be vessel. The vessel itself is attached to the base. The cord comes from base and connects to the power outlet for it to be operational.This kettle can easily be detached and reassemble for convience. The dimension of this kettle measures 10.8 x 7.

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5 x 7.3 inches. The kettle weighs 2.24 pounds.

Figure 1 Shows parts of A Bona Vita kettle and its various partsDescription of parts and their functions Lid: The lid measures 6 inches in diameter and has a convex shape. The lid can be removed and put back on which enables the user to easily pour water in the vessel for boiling. Vessel: The vessel has a hollow and spherical shape meaning having an empty space in its middle. The vessel labeled 3 in the above figure is “a bowl or other container in which liquid is kept” and has a capacity of 1.0 liter..


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