Despite also face prosecution or imprison since

Despite globalization has made people of different nations easily interact, this convenience also leads to the problem of scams. Cunning swindlers increasingly trick people by using different ways such as online chatting, email spamming to grab their attentions and make them to disclosure their personal information. Combating this problem requires efficiency action by government so this essay will discuss consequences and solutions of scams. One of the most serious consequences of scams is loss of money. Not only elderly people who are living alone easily be cheated but also highly educated persons fell into a fraud trap. These unsuspecting victims who are unable to discern tricks and trap will loss their money thereby losing their future.

Old folks without savings may feel insecure and burden their children. Intellectuals may also face prosecution or imprison since they normally built good credit in banks and therefore causes hackers use their personal financial account to transfer money illegally. Apart from losing money, victims may also feel traumatized. Scams will throw a mental burden on individuals and leaves an emotional wound on the persons. Moreover, some of the victims will even consider committing suicide when they think that the whole world cannot be trusted.

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With such occurrence disturbing the society, people can never enjoy peace and serenity.


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