Despite in pop music history and heritage, while

Despite the acceptance of digital media, according to the reports of Technavio, The Vinyl record is still considered as one of the fast growing mediums of music.

Its predicted that the market size of vinyl record will increase immensely and would be a good competition for music streaming companies. The sales of these vinyl records are not only for the old classics but also new-generation albums, such as Justin Bieber’s Purpose, Adelle’s 25, Ed Sheeran’s Divide and many more. This encourages other popular artists to release their music in vinyl format, which would have a great impact on the sales of vinyl record players. In addition, vinyl records are reclaiming the significance of club communities and the independent music. Another main aspect of the vinyl record is its capability to represent important events in pop music history and heritage, while still providing a sense of the cultural background. As a result, such records are reached out by collectors, audiophiles, and DJs, who consider these records as a priced possession.

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